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Done with my spring semester!!!

I AM DONE!!! I have three weeks before I start back, expect a lot of bloggy goodness in that time. Advertisements

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Valuing my sister

Remember how I talked about getting shut down when I talk about my birth? Well, I also realize I do that to others. Most notably, I did it to my sister when we were in Iowa. The topic of Elijah … Continue reading

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How much birth control does a slut use?

Pop quiz: how much birth control does a slut use? Answer: the same amount that a monogamous wife uses. The same amount as a celibate woman using hormonal birth control for managing the symptoms of PCOS. The same amount as … Continue reading

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Back to school week

As you may have guessed from my lack of posts this week, school started. I’m back at it and hoping this semester gets me a little closer to the end, but doubting it will. Only one class I’m taking is … Continue reading

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Article round up

Here’s a round up of what I’ve been reading this week! The Girl Scouts are sticking to their inclusiveness policy despite boycott threats No surprise here, but yet another study has found planned home birth with a midwife to be … Continue reading

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Top Ten Reasons it’s Not Your Fault You’re Fat

In no particular order, I am compiling a list of ways society, not irresponsible individuals, contributes to the obesity epidemic. While I do believe that personal responsibility does play a role in our personal health, the more I learn about … Continue reading

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Our priorities, as a country

There was a story on the news this morning about residents of Aurora, Colorado, and their library access. ┬áMany Aurora libraries have been closed, so Aurora residents have been forced to go into neighboring county’s libraries to check out books. … Continue reading

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