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Why I stick with non violence

A few months ago, at the March Against Monsanto, I ran into some anarchists doing a survey in an attempt to convince people that non violence was futile, ineffective, and dumb. They made some good points that I had a … Continue reading

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Making dietary changes

I’ve gone on dozens of diets and made a variety of dietary changes in my lifetime. I can say with confidence that every diet I went on was utterly and completely ineffective, and if we’re measuring dietary changes by the … Continue reading

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As I get older

I turned 30 this weekend. I’ve always been kind of weird about aging. When I was very little, I was certain that I would not survive until adulthood, or even high school. I honestly believed that most children died before … Continue reading

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Political Correctness

This morning I’m thinking about all the times I hear people complain about political correctness. Being politically correct is not something I ever think about and I don’t think the term is even relevant anymore. When I think about what … Continue reading

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You make formula feeders look bad

Any intelligent person knows that the vast majority of moms who feed their babies formula instead of breast milk are well informed, caring mothers, doing the best they can with what they have. Sure, breast milk is the food your … Continue reading

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There is a lot of militarism happening in this country that is not recognized and often straight up celebrated. It frightens me. For example, when I first joined the Army in 2003, we were told we were not to ever … Continue reading

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If your belief surrounding what happens when you die requires you to belittle those who don’t agree with you, you’re an asshole and your belief is bullshit

The only thing I don’t like about being a progressive Christian is having to explain myself to countless angry progressives who seem to go all “Durr?” at the concept of any Christian not being some inbred, Bible thumping, neanderthal. I … Continue reading

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