There is a lot of militarism happening in this country that is not recognized and often straight up celebrated. It frightens me.
For example, when I first joined the Army in 2003, we were told we were not to ever wear our uniforms outside of duty and a few special occasions that necessitated dress uniforms, because it made us a target and because the uniform is an implied threat. Over time in my course in the Army, the policy changed allowing us to wear uniforms in more and more situations, until in 2009 when I was almost out, I sat through a training that instructed me to wear my uniform whenever I could, including to PTA meetings (which seemed an odd thing to specify) so that the community knows we are amongst them, and this can keep them safe.
Or, I thought, to get them used to the sight of uniformed authority figures so that as we grow in numbers and become more involved in daily life of civilians it will be less distressing and more easily ignored.
Like a frog in a pot being slowly warmed to a boil.


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