40 weeks

Yes, I’m still pregnant.
There’s not a whole lot to report. Some days are good, some days are bad. There’s been no practice labor, no false alarms, no signs things are any closer that they were two weeks ago. I just keep on trucking.
I have done a little nipple stimulation, a little pressing on pressure points, and I started taking evening primrose oil, but other than that, I’m not doing anything special to get baby out. Faith in God includes faith in His timing, right? And faith in my baby means faith in her or his timing also. I figure that if I’m still pregnant on Monday (which will put me at 41+4), I’ll start looking into acupuncture. I had Elijah at 41+1, so we’ll see.
As frustrating as it is to be over due (40 weeks, 5 days so far), I am still a little annoyed by all the comments about how I haven’t had this baby yet, and all the women due around the same time as me who are already frustrated they haven’t had their babies yet at 38 weeks. Due dates are not deadlines, and while people claim to understand the fact that bodies don’t work on rigid schedules and that every body and every function varies in infinite ways, including the fact that they do things in their own time, everyone seems to forget that when it comes to due dates. If I gave you the exact date that your child would go into puberty, how seriously would you take it? Would you take your child to the doctor if your child went five days past that date without starting her period or having a wet dream and demand that your child be given prescription hormones to begin puberty? Of course not. We understand that no one can predict when puberty is going to happen for anyone. We can give a general time frame in which to expect it, but it could be off, because everyone is different.
Due dates are exactly the same. We know a general time frame in which birth tends to happen, somewhere between 37 and 42 weeks, and we give you a date about in the middle, 40 weeks. If it doesn’t happen exactly on that date, it’s normal. I don’t know why that concept is so hard for people to grasp. We don’t expect anything else with our bodies to work like clockwork, exactly on the same schedule as every other woman in the world, why do we expect it when it comes to birth?
I will try to get an announcement and a few photos up right away, but you guys might have to wait a while for the birth story. In the mean time, you can read Elijah’s birth story, if you want, and feel free to look at our maternity photos.














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