What I will miss about this pregnancy

I wouldn’t want my most recent post to give anyone the impression that I’m not enjoying the final weeks of my pregnancy. I am. Sure, it’s uncomfortable, but there’s also a lot about it I know I’m going to miss. I know this because I missed being pregnant after I had Elijah, and a part of me got jealous of every pregnant woman I saw for probably a good year after he was born (after he weaned, I was jealous of every nursing woman I saw, and still am, ha ha!). I don’t imagine this pregnancy will be any different. I will miss quite a bit, such as

~ My big, cute, round belly

~ Feeling the baby move in the mornings when no one else is awake

~ Riding my bike with my big round belly, which I imagine makes everyone who sees me say “Look at that pregnant woman riding a bike! She must be either crazy or badass! Probably both!” And that makes me smile.

~ Riding my bike in general, because childbirth will probably mean I’ll be unable for the remaining warm months, and then I’ll have to sit through the winter with limited bike riding opportunities. I will probably have to give it up for months. 😦

~ Sex. I know I’m going to get it back eventually, but going several weeks without seems kind of sad when my husband will be sleeping next to me the whole time. With Elijah, since I was single, the only person sleeping next to me was my sweet little nursing baby, there was nothing to make me think of missing sex. But this time will be different, and for me, sex is not only physically pleasurable, but also a way for me to express love and receive love and comfort when I’ve had a rough day, and I think I’ll really be missing that in those first few weeks post partum. We’ll have to be doing a lot of snuggling instead.

~ One on one time with Elijah. Part of me is a little sad that his special time as an only child is coming to an end. From here on out, he will always be sharing his affection, and my affection will be to some degree divided. At the same time, he will gain affection from a new source, and I am sure that my ability to love will just grow, but it will still be a major change in our relationship and his little world. I’m trying my best to appreciate our special relationship for what it is now while it’s still here, because in a few short weeks, it will be changed forever. It will be a good change, I believe, but it will still be the end of one life as we enter into a new one.

~ Free hands! Although hopefully this baby is not as high needs as Elijah was, and maybe I’ll have free hands every now and then.

~ Full nights sleep. Sleep is more uncomfortable now, it’s true, but at least I’m getting it.

~ My limited appetite. I’m not eating as much as I normally do because baby is taking up so much room in my belly. I like this because it means I’m eating less crap food.

~ My cravings for fruits and veggies. I’m praying that this will stick around a few months after the birth.

~ No periods!

~ D cups (I anticipate needing DDs after my milk comes in)

~ Talking to people about my pregnancy. When I’m pregnant, people are interested in me. Once I have this baby, especially at school, I’ll go back to being that boring, old student that none of the young, hip, pre med students want to talk to.

Being pregnant has it’s ups and downs, and whichever one’s I’m looking at, I know I’ve only got a few weeks left. As of tomorrow, I will be 37 weeks, the point at which my baby will be labeled full term should it be born. We are truly in the final countdown. If you want to make a baby stats guess, now is the time to do it!


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3 Responses to What I will miss about this pregnancy

  1. Stephanie Hatcher says:

    Awww Jess, this is a sweet post. It’s nice that you’re able to take the time in your last few weeks to think about your pregnancy, and what you’re going to miss. I always thought pregnant women couldn’t wait for the baby to come, until my friend Judy got pregnant. I remember one day she told me “I could stay pregnant forever!” I admit I was a little shocked; never having had a kid, I don’t know what it’s like. So I love reading your posts about your adventures in pregnancy, and it’s so exciting to think that, when it’s over, a whole new adventure is beginning! Can’t wait to meet the new addition…

  2. Ahh, I understand about missing aspects of pregnancy, especially feeling baby moving.
    For what it’s worth, it took a year for me to get my period back with Princess Squishy Lips. I started a year to the day of when my water broke with her (actually, within an hour!).

  3. Deanna says:

    I still get a little jealous of pregnant women getting to feel the baby move inside of them and the nursing part. It all goes by so fast, I’m glad that you are taking the time to appreciate it.

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