Oh no!!

Well, the party may well be over. I have hurt myself this week, and I can no longer do all the fun, active stuff I had been doing. I’m very sad.
It all started, I think, with a trip to the chiropractor in week 31. I went in because my hips were bugging me, the same part that bugged me when I was pregnant with Elijah. It was really my right hip that was giving me the most grief, not severe, but enough to annoy me. He adjusted me, and did some maneuvers I had never had done on me before, but I hadn’t been seeing this chiropractor very long, so maybe it was part of his bag of tricks?
Pretty soon, though, I started having pain in my left hip that was even worse than the pain that had been in my right. It wasn’t constant, it happened mainly when I was in the process of standing up from sitting, or randomly while walking. I know sometimes chiropractic can make things more sore before they get better (although in retrospect, I never experienced that with my old chiropractor), so I told myself if it wasn’t better in a week, I’d go back in for a readjustment. Sadly, it would not be as simple as that.
On Saturday night I was sitting on the front porch with my mom watching Jeremy and Elijah play in our yard. I went to readjust my sitting position, and suddenly felt this excruciating pain in my left hip. I cried out, and immediately knew this was a worsening of the chiropractic pain. I couldn’t move the joint at all. There were tears in my eyes. My mom and Jeremy were trying to help me move but I couldn’t. I knew I’d have to get off the patio eventually, so in severe pain I managed to lean forward onto my hands and knees, then Jeremy and my mom pulled me up. Oh, the pain was agony. I must have dropped twelve f bombs just in standing (followed by an immediate apology to a terrified Elijah for saying bad words), and my mom and Jeremy then practically carried me to his truck.
We went immediately to an urgent care in the hopes of saving some money. They brought us out a wheel chair and wheeled me in (a few bumps causing me a bunch of pain on the way), but once we got in we quickly learned that at thirty two weeks pregnant, they could not treat me in an urgent care. The baby would need to be evaluated, and they had nothing there to do that, not even a Doppler. So we left to head to the emergency room.
At the emergency room I had an x ray done, and the doctor informed me that what had probably happened was that a piece of cartilage had broken off my femur and was floating around in my pelvic joint. If it is not better by the time the baby is born, I will need to see an orthopedic surgeon to get an MRI to confirm and possibly have surgery to remove the loose cartilage. In the mean time, I’m on crutches, and I have a prescription for percoset I’m going to try not to use.
This is the biggest bummer I could imagine right now, short of being opted out of homebirth or losing the baby or something as terrible as that. I can no longer ride my bike, do yoga, go on family walks, I’m not even sure about swimming. I was so certain my increased comfort during this pregnancy is because I had stayed more active, and now it’s been taken away. I’m so, so sad. I was supposed to be marching with NARAL in the Pride Parade today. Or at least be in church. But instead I’m laying in bed realizing slowly just how much of the pain the percoset they gave me in the hospital took away, and wondering where I put my arnica.
Elijah did so good through it all, considering the whole ordeal lasted from 7 to 11 pm. He seemed very upset when it happened, and came over to hug me. Out of fear it might cause me more pain, both Jeremy and my mom shoed him away, but I quickly called him back and asked for the hug. I felt like he should know he has the ability to comfort others, and it’s a good thing. And anyway, it did make me feel a little better. He continued to express concern and love for me all night, to include freaking out when they wheeled me off to get x rayed. I will have to remember it all the next time he’s telling me he doesn’t love me. Was he cranky and throwing fits at the end of the night? Yeah. But it was a long and stressful night for him too, so I don’t blame him.
I’m going to try and stay positive about this. I can move my leg now which is a big improvement, but I still don’t feel like I can put any weight on it. Maybe with a few days of rest that will improve too and I will be able to put away the crutches. I’m still not sure how or if I really even should contact the chiropractor to tell him what happened. I will not be going back to him, that’s for sure. I was annoyed when I told the story to a nurse at the hospital and he responded with a chuckle saying, “Ah! A QUACK-ropractor.”
I replied “I never had this problem with my old chiropractor, and I saw him for years.” He changed his tune after that, but it was still annoying. Especially, as Jeremy pointed out, coming from the nurse with a mohawk. His whole demeanor just oozed a lack of professionalism. At least the doctor seemed respectful, you could tell he was a little uneasy, especially when I told him my OB was actually a homebirth midwife, but he stayed professional.
In any case, it looks like I’m pretty well laid up for a while. I’m wondering if I will be needing a handicapped tag for my car, only for school, given that all the parking is so far away from my building. We’ll see.
I’m majorly sad right now though.


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