31 weeks

It seems like everything I wanted for this pregnancy is falling into place. Over the weekend we went to a fundraiser for a friend of ours and were able to bid on and win placenta encapsulation services from one of Denver’s most used placenta encapsulators. We had been planning on having our childbirth educator encapsulate my placenta, but this silent auction gave us the chance to not only save a little money on the service, but also make sure the money we spent went to an extra great cause (I say extra, because I firmly believe that supporting local businesses, like my childbirth educator’s business, is always a great cause, but I felt this fundraiser took it a step beyond). My mom also bid on a couple of photography packages and won, one of which she gave to us to get maternity photos done. It just feels like everything is coming together perfectly in the end.
I feel ready to have this baby now. Not as in, “I’m tired of being pregnant, I’m ready to have this baby now!”, but more like “I am no longer worried about bringing this baby into our home, so when it’s ready, it can come.” This is a peaceful feeling. Sure, we still need a few things but nothing so dire that I’m having nightmares about going into labor and not having it yet (as I did about our birth kit). We finished our childbirth education series, we filled up the birth pool to see how it is (we know it takes forever to fill now), and I even started going through all the stored baby stuff to pull out all the old blankets, diapers, and gender neutral clothes. Now I just need to work on keeping this house clean.
People expect you to be sick of being pregnant at this point, but I’m not. I wasn’t at this point with Elijah either, and my pregnancy with Elijah was less comfortable than this one has been. I might get to that point eventually, I eventually did with Elijah, but I hope not. I remember after having Elijah I was a little sad that I wasn’t pregnant anymore. I described it as feeling alone in my own body. Of course I loved my baby, and I think I got over that sadness once I really got the hang of nursing because I loved our nursing relationship so much, but I still had that feeling for a while. I was jealous of every pregnant woman I saw. I’m trying to remember that, that even though it’s uncomfortable sometimes, I’m going to miss being pregnant when it’s over. Right now it’s easy to remember, I’ve gotten to that point where I feel big all the time, I’m starting to swell, and by the end of the day I often waddle, but for the most part I’m comfortable and don’t have much in the way of complaints. But I have to always be vigilant about remembering, because in a few weeks I might be much more uncomfortable, and the end will be so near, it will probably be much easier to forget.
I’m tossing around the idea of getting another ultrasound done as well. I was disappointed with our 18 week glimpse of the spine and top of head. I think my desire to do another one stems from my desire to really appreciate this pregnancy and squeeze as much out of it as possible. But, they’re kind of expensive and a pain in the butt. I’ll talk to my midwife about it.
We’re in the single digit week countdown now! Here’s a picture of me after coming home from my friend’s fundraiser, which had a 40’s and 50’s theme. Can you believe I pulled that whole ensemble together, including the hairdo, in two hours with just the stuff I had around the house? The skirt isn’t even a maternity skirt!
I had to do some tricky maneuvering with a Bella Band to keep it up without zipping it. I also had to Google how to do a 40’s hair style (which I mostly just stumbled through). I did go buy the red lipstick on the way to the fundraiser. I don’t own a single stick of lipstick. Or at least I didn’t before Sunday.



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