Super easy Alfredo sauce

Alfredo is one thing Elijah eats with enthusiasm. Luckily, I make a pretty good Alfredo from scratch! It takes only a few minutes and it’s better for you than any crap from a jar or powder.

Whole wheat flour
Cream (you can substitute with milk, but it’s not as rich and yummy. Sometimes I use a mixture of both)
Parmesan cheese (the real kind, I prefer shredded, not that powdered junk in a shake bottle)
Salt and pepper
Egg yolk (optional)

First, melt your butter in a pan. You’re going to want a lot, when I’m making sauce for the whole family, I use about half a cup.

When it’s melted, I add the fresh garlic (I press it through a garlic press) and let it simmer for just a minute.

Then I add a couple of tablespoons of flour. Stir it up into a paste, and let that cook for no more than a minute.

Now add your cream (or milk), enough so you have a nice sauce like consistency. If you think you’ve added too much, don’t fear, it will thicken up as it cooks and when you add the cheese.

Toss in your parmesan. I get pretty generous with the parmesan, but everyone has different preferences. You can always start by adding a little, then tasting it, and adding more as desired. If you need more cream (or milk) after adding the cheese, go for it.

Salt and pepper to taste.

If you’re adding the egg yolk, it really takes the sauce that extra mile. Unfortunately, I can’t add egg to Elijah’s sauce because he has that egg allergy. The best way to add the egg yolk is to scoop a small amount of the sauce into a cup, let it cool just a minute, and mix the egg yolk into it. Then mix that egg yolk sauce combo into the big pot of sauce.

Enjoy over noodles, veggies, meat, etc.



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