World’s easiest home made, reversible baby blanket!

I used to sew.  Wait, what I mean is I used to sew pretty well.  I could easily read a pattern and knew a bunch of techniques.  Then, as I entered my teens, I stopped sewing as much.  It could have been because I was spending too much time getting into trouble with my bad influence friends, or maybe because I didn’t have as much time to spend with adults who sewed (and therefore, access to things like patterns and fabric), I don’t know.  But I totally forgot 90% of my sewing skills in that time.  I mean, I’m not much of a seamstress at all anymore.

I’m trying to relearn.  It’s going slow because I still don’t have much time for sewing, but I know it’s really enjoyable, and I like being able to create something totally unique.  Especially for baby.  Those of you who have gone through a pregnancy without finding out your baby’s sex, as I am doing, know it’s hard to find baby products that are gender neutral, and sewing my own stuff is the perfect solution to that problem.  Also, it gets me really excited for baby (which I haven’t been, and my lack of excitement for his or her arrival has bothered me).  But seeing as how my skills are some what atrophied, I need to find the simplest patterns the web has to offer!

So I went out in search of some simple baby blanket patterns, and found many!  But they weren’t quite simple enough for me.  I wanted something simpler.  I don’t need a fancy binding or edging on a blanket, just give me a big fabric square that doesn’t have totally crappy looking hems.  So I devised a simple pattern of my own, and now I am sharing it with you!  It’s so simple, the 8 year old girl I was when I first learned how to sew on my tiny, pink, plastic sewing machine could do it!  And you can too!  Even without a machine (but a sewing machine will make it super easier).

You will need

1 yard of a cute fabric

1 yard of another cute fabric (hopefully one that matches or coordinates with the first fabric)

I picked a flannel, because that's what receiving blankets are traditionally made out of, and a plain old cotton linen, so one side of the blanket would have a familiar bed sheet feeling.

Thread (hopefully one that matches or is color coordinated with your fabrics)


A sewing machine or a needle


First, take your two fabrics and lay them out flat, one on top of the other, so that the pretty sides are facing in towards each other, and the ugly sides are facing out.

Next, make sure the edges are lined up.  If one fabric is longer than the other on any of the sides, cut the longer side off.  They don’t have to be perfectly the same size, if one is an inch or less bigger its no big deal, it’s only when you’ve got five extra inches or so hanging off one side it starts to be a problem.

Now, pin the sides together, so that the edges more or less match up and the two pieces of fabric lay perfectly flat together.

Now, take your pinned fabric to your sewing machine and sew the edges together, leaving about a half inch to an inch on the outside of the seam.  But don’t sew it all the way around!!!  Sew up three sides all the way.  On the fourth side, only sew 3/4 of the way down the side, and leave a hole open.

Next, reach in that hole and turn that sucker inside out from the hole!

Okay, get ready, because here comes probably the hardest part.  We’ve got to sew that hole up and make it look good now.  This is why you leave a half inch to an inch on the outside of your seam.  What you want to do is sort of fold the rough ends of that hole inside, so that they’re folded evenly with the sewed up seam around them.

Then press those sides together so that the folded in parts can’t be seen, and pin them together.

Finally, sew that hole up!  Just right along the top of the edge where the ends are folded in, sew a straight line.  Now the hole is closed and you have a blanket.  Lay it flat, then fold it up.  Ta dah!  Reversible blanket!

Here are the two I made today!


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6 Responses to World’s easiest home made, reversible baby blanket!

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  2. jamie schoshke says:

    ADORABLE, thank you for sharing. How do I keep the two sides together? I don’t want to sew across the blanket but I do want them to stay together. Ideas?

    • Whitney says:

      My MIL “tied” the blanket she made for my son with yarn. It turned out cute. BUT…over time, as the fabric shrunk/stretched with use, it started to pull and pinch at the ties.

    • jessimonster says:

      Mine have made it through the wash without separating, but I do recommend washing the fabric one before sewing, so that if the fabric shrinks at different rates it doesn’t get weird.

  3. Elva says:

    I sew a heart shape in the middle of the blanket. You can use a contrasting or matching thread.

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