16 Weeks

The best part of being pregnant is my body. I know a lot of women don’t share this sentiment but I love the way my body looks when I’m pregnant. Yeah, I still have insecurities but they tend to be drowned out by my pride in everything else that’s going on. I look hot pregnant. But not just that, my pregnancy body is something more, beyond hot. Something deeper, more profound. Hot or not is how I judge myself when I’m not pregnant, and while I do apply those standards now (and often feel pretty good about my self given score), there’s something more going on right now. I can’t quite find a word for it. It probably has something to do with this crazy act of creation my body is committing of it’s own free will. How can you not be struck with awe when you take it all in, you know?
Thanks to a generous tax return (and thanks again to my wonderful mother-in-law for preparing our taxes for us) I was able to buy some new maternity clothes. I mysteriously can’t find a lot of my old maternity clothes. I know I lent some out and never got them back, yeah, but some of them I think I just lost. I found some, but about half of them now seemed so matronly and out of fashion I have a hard time believing I ever wore them. Did I care less about my looks then, or were these styles actually flattering on me? I try to remind myself that I was in the biggest part of my pregnancy with Elijah during the fall and winter, rather than the spring and summer, like I will be with this baby.
So, given that so few of my maternity clothes seemed workable, I was really glad to get some new pieces. I tried to be practical, some simple t-shirts and tank tops. Things that when paired with a sweater could work for future pregnancies whether they take place in summer or winter. A few nicer shirts that I’m hoping will still make transitions into future styles. This time I won’t lend them all out.
I also took the initiative to take everything out of my closet I would not be able to wear while pregnant and pack it up. This has the immediate effect of decluttering my closet, which is reason enough to do it, but I’m hoping it will accomplish two other things as well. First, I’m hoping that by making it so I don’t look at my prepregnancy clothes every day for the next year or so, by the time I unpack them again it will be almost like a new clothes purchasing experience. “Wow! I remember this shirt! I can’t wait to wear it again!”
Second, I’m hoping that the new clothes buying experience will more easily put me in the state of mind to get rid of clothes I’m not going to wear. When I look at them every day, I keep thinking I’m going to wish I had that item of clothing again. But when I’m looking at them fresh, it’s easier to be objective. “Would I buy this shirt again if I saw it on a store wrack today? No? Then donate it!”
It feels really nice to have my closet decluttered though, and for now, that’s enough. I’m happy with all my new maternity clothes, and while I’m sure I’ll pick up a few more along the way, I think I could for the most part make it through this pregnancy with what I’ve currently got.
Everything is right on track, according to the midwife. I feel about as good as I possibly can while having my uterus stretch out and lots of heartburn and constipation. In case anyone is interested, I have learned some very important tricks for dealing with these issues.
Heartburn: Take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, mixed with about a shot of juice (I like grape juice, because it almost masks the taste of the vinegar) before every meal. That works really well, and I wouldn’t recommend it if it didn’t, because I HATE the taste of apple cider vinegar.
Constipation: Kefir and dried apricots. ‘Nuff said.
Round ligament pain: Nothing. Deal with it.
The cost of maternity clothes: Old Navy was the cheapest and most fashionable that I’ve found. Target is as expensive as Motherhood, and most department stores just carry Motherhood’s stuff. I’ve also made a few pieces (tutorials to come soon) and found a lot of my pre pregnancy clothes will still work just fine. For example, why pay high prices for a maternity maxi dress or a maternity sweater that doesn’t even close in front? Non maternity versions work just as well.

In other news, stay tuned for the new blog name, rolling out probably some time this weekend. I’m hoping it’s not too much of a change to drive away my single mom readers, but also accurately reflects where I am in life now.


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