I’m the worst wife ever!!!

This morning I woke up and stumbled to the bathroom for the third time since laying my head down last night, but this time I turned on the light. As I was sitting on the toilet I noticed a bunch of crap scattered all over the floor. What the hell?!?! Don’t these boys know I won’t have time to really, truly, clean until Friday? Who made this mess? Oh wait …


Why, it’s a trail of rose petals.

Leading to this …


In case you’re wondering, that is a love poem my husband wrote to me along with two roses.

Crap! I got him nothing! I won’t even be able to clean the house for him because I have class from 8 am to 9 pm.

So I walk downstairs to get my backpack and do some last minute cramming for my stats test this morning, when what do I find?


This huge construction paper wall mural he put up on the wall for me and Elijah that says “I love you both!”


This holiday is not a big deal for me. It’s kind of like St. Patrick’s Day or April Fools. You make a small acknowledgement and move on. But after this, my third Valentines Day with Jeremy, I think I have to accept that this holiday is a big deal for him.
So I decided that during my gap between classes today I would run home, pick up around the house, and make sure both Jeremy and Elijah have a treat from me when they come home tonight. I feel like such a bum. Please, everyone, remind me not to be a bum next year, because surely Jeremy won’t be one.


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One Response to I’m the worst wife ever!!!

  1. Shanna says:

    Awww. LP and I aren’t the biggest fans of the holiday, but I am a total romantic at heart, and this totally made me aw out loud.

    LP has had to learn the same lesson about birthdays; for her, she could care less. For me, they’re important, and I make a bigger deal out of other people’s birthdays than I do out of mine. She tolerates this because she loves me, and then she gets her family to help me celebrate my birthday each year with delicious Italian pastries. Success.!

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