How will my garden grow this year?

Moving out of my home with my mom and into Jeremy’s home meant a lot of changes for me and Elijah, and few have been so sad for me as the loss of my garden. Let’s be clear, the move has been overwhelmingly positive, with only a few sad features, but leaving behind my garden is definitely one of them.
It’s not as though my garden is lost to me forever. My mom still owns that house and she’s only about a 40 minute drive away. I can visit my garden any time I want. But visiting on weekends is not the same as being out there almost every day.
Jeremy and I discussed at length how I could continue to garden at his house, and found an excellent spot for a sunny, compact garden in his back yard. The plan was to convert that spot into garden space this spring, but now that I am pregnant I feel less sure about it. The amount of rock digging we did in my mom’s back yard to prepare for the wedding left me never wanting to dig rock again, but prepping this location will require the movement of rock. It might not put quite such a bad taste in my mouth if I weren’t pregnant, but I just don’t know if I can take it in this state. At least the rock movement will be down hill.
Also, money is an issue. The area is sloped, which I know will make for an awesome stepped garden, but will also require the purchasing of lumber to create the tiers, and a good deal of constructive labor on Jeremy’s part (which is his hobby anyhow, and I do love watching him do, but might be a little much to ask of him given his work schedule). We have a home birth to pay for and Jeremy’s truck is on it’s last legs, so saving money where we can is probably in our best interest. Plus, I’d just rather be in a state where I can help him more when we do it.
So, for this year we’ve decided just to have a few planters of herbs and tomatoes, and I can get the rest of my garden fix on weekend visits to my moms. I’m buying minimal seeds, and I’ll probably just buy tomatoes locally instead of through Seed Savers Exchange. I’m a little disappointed but in a lot of ways relieved. I really don’t want to dig rock.


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