A letter from an eavesdropper

Dear Girls Accusing You Brother’s Ex of Purposely Getting Pregnant to Trap Him In A Relationship,
I overheard your story. Your brother’s ex girlfriend is pregnant, and the conception period falls right around the time the two of them broke up. You don’t know if the baby is his or not, she claims it is but you have doubts. Your family wants a DNA test. You really hope it comes back negative. She had asked you not to tell your brother or family when you found out she was pregnant, but of course you can’t do that. You can’t let sleeping dogs lie. But you had warned your brother that this was the type of girl who would purposely get pregnant to try and make the relationship last longer.
I’m not sure where to begin. This story I heard you tell is so ghastly, inhuman, and sexist I could scream. It took everything I had not to walk over and smack you as I heard you tell it.
This is a real baby you are talking about. A real human being with thoughts and feelings and wants and desires. Not a puppy, or a toy, something that you can brush off like a piece of garbage with a shrug “oh, it’s not mine.” I hope to God it isn’t your brothers too, because that baby deserves family members that aren’t ass holes. You basically just sat there and said “We really don’t want this thing but if it turns out it’s genetically connect to it I guess we’re saddled with it.”
If the mother doesn’t want your brother to know, just leave her the hell alone. You clearly don’t want this baby anyhow, so why step in? Just to spite her? Just to punish her for having the gall to get pregnant, to steal your brother’s sperm? Like his genetic material is some precious thing this woman had no right to. Give me a break. He put it in her, of his own free will, then abandoned it in her like it was trash and she was the trash can, and now you all think you have the right to come back and say “Now that that trash has grown into something of value to the mother, we want it back”? You people don’t deserve that baby. And that baby deserves better than you.
And as for her getting pregnant on purpose to try and trap him in a relationship, she clearly has no interest in that now, given you said she begged you not to tell her brother. That doesn’t sound like someone who wants to use her pregnancy to get together with someone. But even if she did get pregnant on purpose to trap your brother, so what? Did she rape him? Was your brother not aware pregnancy was a potential consequence of sex? A pregnancy is always the woman’s fault, right?
I would hope it happens to you one day, but you’d be a terrible mother. You’re going to be a terrible aunt, and your brother is going to be a terrible father. Your whole family sounds terrible. For the sake of this baby’s well being I hope you all drop this, because you clearly don’t give two shits about this baby.


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