Back to school week

As you may have guessed from my lack of posts this week, school started. I’m back at it and hoping this semester gets me a little closer to the end, but doubting it will. Only one class I’m taking is one that will get me closer to graduation in my major, but the rest of them will probably be useful, and it’s all that was available to sign up for.
So what am I taking?
Statistics for Psych Majors
Biology of Women
Intro to Algebra
Ethnicity and Health in Social Justice
And a one credit class called Self Esteem
They all seem like good enough classes, so I’ll keep you posted. Also, I am taking a number of yoga classes and one meditation class. My school offers a variety of fitness classes, and I take advantage. My first yoga class of the semester, last Thursday, was brutal but enjoyable. I was sore for days afterwards. We’ll see how it goes with more yoga throughout the week.
I also have to get my bus pass for this semester. Students at my school get free access to all city public transportation, and I love taking advantage. And because this winter is supposed to be one of the warmest on record all over the world (because global warming is a myth), there’s no excuse not to ride my bike.
I’ll post a 12 week update soon, and share with you all the story of the awesome maternity pants I made for myself.


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