Article round up

Here’s a round up of what I’ve been reading this week!

The Girl Scouts are sticking to their inclusiveness policy despite boycott threats

No surprise here, but yet another study has found planned home birth with a midwife to be just as safe as hospital birth

Broke is Beautiful discusses the spiritual value of voluntary poverty

PLUS Model Magazine runs controversial article full of stats that make you say “wait, what’s controversial about stating the obvious?”

This study examine possible links between acetaminophen and autism

I believe I’ll print this circumcision fact sheet and include it in all of my doula goodie bags.

The Daily Kos makes a really great point about parental responsibility from a pro life point of view

Coming soon, Occupy the Department of Education

Yes! Magazine shows off the world’s coolest school bus, and other great bike ideas

Someone forgot to wean their baby over at Jezebel

A new study estimates that more babies in the US die annually from circumcision than from car accidents. Wow.

Maria Montessory examines why less is more when it comes to kids

Mothering Magazine has fun with this tongue in cheek guide to breastfeeding.

Holistic Kid goes over what a blue vein in between your baby’s eyes could mean

Bluemilk posts photos of glamorous breastfeeding

Lots of reading for you all this week! Enjoy!


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