Opinions, please

Okay, my readers, tell me what you think of this.
I’m tossing around a name change for this blog. I know, wasn’t it just a couple of months ago that I was saying, yes, this will still be a single mom blog? Well, yeah, it will be. Or, at least I will still discuss single mother issues frequently and I certainly don’t want to start pretending that my life as a single mother never existed, but this has always been a largely personal blog and the fact is, I’m not a single mom anymore. It’s not even as if we’re really a blended family, with step father and step son, Elijah knows Jeremy as his father, and eventually we’ll probably be making it legal. So I find myself in this weird place where I feel like to discuss my husband and the life I’m living mow makes the title of this blog suddenly seem like a lie. I end up either avoiding the subject of my husband, in laws, or the fact that my only job right now outside of student is homemaker, or I feel like this single mom poser. Most often, both things happen.
So how would a name change go over? I would still identify this blog as a single mother advocacy blog, one which is also focused on green living and social justice in general. I just wouldn’t call this blog All Natural, Single Mothering 101 anymore. Thoughts?


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Badass feminist environmentalist.
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One Response to Opinions, please

  1. I like your screen name Jessimonster. Maybe a play on that would be a cool brand and allow you to write whatever you want!

    Jessimonster Strikes Denver!
    Jessie’s Monster Blog
    Monster Moms

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