Ten Weeks

I am theoretically 25% through my pregnancy, though I expect to go beyond my due date again this time. I am eager mainly for quickening, when I can feel the baby move. After that this baby can take his or her sweet time. I’m in no rush for birth, even though I know I will love to nurse again, to snuggle a baby who snuggles back, and doesn’t squeal and flail if I give it kisses. But I enjoy being pregnant, and it will be nice to be free to really enjoy it this time around. So far, all it feels like is fatigue and nausea, but once the quickening happens, then it will feel like I’m pregnant.
Jeremy has been such a good sport. This past week I have been so irritable. He seems pretty tolerant of it all, and hasn’t complained about the lame meals I’ve been planning because cooking mostly grosses me out (grilled cheese and broth for dinner again tonight, sweetie?).
He seems to be in much the same place I am, having trouble feeling enthusiastic because it doesn’t really seem real yet. There are moments when excitement glimmers through, but they are literally moments, then he puts his cool face back on. That’s okay, I’m too tired to be glimmering with excitement myself.
The best remedy for the fatigue is yoga. I have several yoga DVDs, but my favorite is one called 15 Minutes Results Yoga. It’s quick and invigorating. I’d like to get some actual prenatal yoga DVDs though, because inna few months I think these will become very hard to do.
I’m eager to start back to school this week so that I can start riding my bike again and go back to their free yoga classes with real instructors. They are always so much more relaxing, just because I don’t have Elijah trying to do downward dog underneath my downward dog, or leaping over me during my relaxation time. I wonder if next semester’s schedule is posted yet?
Elijah drew a series of pictures of the baby, including ones of the embryonic tail coming off, and one of it floating away. I wish I could see his vision of what the inside of the womb looks like. My favorite, though, is this one, which he said was the yolk sack. It looks more like a badass sperm to me, but what do I know?



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