Blog Roundups for the week!

Here’s some of the cool stuff I’ve been reading this week!

Offbeat Mama explores whether or not G Diapers are all they’re cracked up to be

A Peaceful Family gives advice on how to find a good prenatal massage therapist

Plus Sized Birth talks about the benefits of maternity photography, even if you don’t feel comfortable in front of a camera, and Denver photographer offers readers a deal on services!

The Hipster Homemaker discusses breast feeding in public and the resistance it still meets

Crunchy Chicken discusses reducing your toxic burden

Get Rich Slowly suggests 5 unusual ways to raise successful children

Radical Doula discusses making midwifery more accessible to communities of color

The Greenists turn old socks into a Swiffer Sweeper cover

Dianne is making one of my favorite things in the world, honey butter

Offbeat Mama discusses extended breastfeeding


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One Response to Blog Roundups for the week!

  1. I’m honored to be listed in your blog roundup! Thanks!

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