White bean, turkey, and quinoa soup

I love making soup. It’s so easy and creative, not to mention a great way to use up what you’ve got in the fridge. Let me tell you about this soup I made!
Before I begin, let me warn you that when I give recipes it’s very hard for me to give you measurements, because I don’t use them. I do when I’m baking (baking is a subtle chemistry), but not when I’m cooking. Basically I just throw shit together based on what I know tastes good. So hold onto your hat and make alterations to this recipe where you see fit. Cooking is a creative experience for me.

Chicken broth
White beans
Turkey dark meat from whole roasted turkey, finely diced (that’s what I used, but if you want to use white meat or shredded sandwich meat go for it)
Garlic clove
Herb blend (mine had shallots, onions, and dill amongst other things)
Balsamic vinegar
Olive oil

The first thing I did was cook my beans in my pressure cooker. When they were done, I threw in some chicken broth and set it to simmer. I diced up one onion, crushed a single large garlic clove with a garlic press, then diced up a bunch of carrots and chopped the chard as fine as I could. All of this went in the pot. Then I diced up the turkey very fine, and put it in. I put only a tiny bit in, since meat has been upsetting my tummy. Then I opened my fridge to see what else I could throw in. Ah ha! Some leftover quinoa! In the pot! At this point the soup was getting pretty thick so I added a few more cups of broth. Then salt, the herb blend, a dash of olive oil, and my secret ingredient in almost any broth based soup, a few dashes of balsamic vinegar.
This soup is amazing! And this is coming from someone who pretty much only likes cream based soups (preferably with cheese). I like it rich, I like it creamy, and I like it fattening. But in recent years I’m coming to appreciate the broth based soup more. The only problem with this is the beans and quinoa tend to soak up the broth, so I have to keep adding more (you may prefer it thick and hearty though). The soup is even better a day after you make it. Give it a try! Tell me about any successful alterations you make!


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