9 Weeks

Ugh. I hate these "here's me from the side in the bathroom" shots, but I don't have a lot of other options. I hated using the flash too, but I'm losing my knowledge I gained as an Army photojournalist, I couldn't hold the camera steady enough to simply slow down the shutter speed. 😦

Much to my dismay, I am showing at 9 weeks.  They say you show earlier and earlier with each subsequent pregnancy, but 9 weeks?  Seriously?  To be completely fair, a lot of what you see in this picture is fat, but I used to be able to suck my fat in so that it was somewhat flat.  No more!  There is something under it, pushing it out, making all my pants really uncomfortable, and pushing me into that awkward arena where people look and ask, “Is she pregnant, or just fat?”  I have to admit, I have been dressing in an attempt to emphasize the pregnant.  I might as well.

I haven’t really gained too much weight.  At least, not compared to my last pregnancy, in which I gained a good 20-25 lbs in the first trimester alone.  I find myself bouncing between 5 and 7 pounds above my pre pregnancy weight so far, and I wouldn’t be surprised if 2-3 lbs of that are in my boobs.  When I was pregnant with Elijah, I started my pregnancy with DDs, ended my pregnancy with DDs, and ended nursing with a cute and much preferable D.  I have stayed a happy D ever since, but I’m starting to get the feeling that I’m going to have to trade back up to a DD before this one is through.  Please, God, let me nurse it back down again!

I’m going to try my hand at making my own maternity clothes (thanks to the new sewing machine my MIL got me for Christmas!) out of the clothes I already have.  I’m thinking that even if I manage to keep this pregnancy in the 25-30 lb range, it’s going to be a long time before I will fit into my size 12s again, and when that day comes, all of it will probably be out of style.  So I might as well make use of those new skinny leg jeans I bought right before getting pregnant while I can.  The best part is that as summer comes I can just cut them off into capris!

I feel like I do a lot of complaining about this pregnancy (probably because I feel sick and exhausted all the time), but I really do like being pregnant.  It doesn’t feel any different yet, at least, outside of the intermittent nausea and the fatigue and the bloating and the extra mucas, but outside of those things it’s really a pleasant experience.  Or at least not a negative one.  For everything that’s taking place in my body, it’s really amazing that all I’m feeling is a little fatigue, sore boobs and upset stomach.

Elijah has been so freaking adorable during all of this too.  He is so fascinated by the baby and babies in general now.  When we see a baby while we’re out, he’ll say “Oh my God, Mom!  Look at that cute baby!”  He frequently comes up to me, lifts my shirt, and kisses or jiggles my belly, telling me he wants to kiss or play with the baby.  He tries to listen to the baby’s heart, and talks about it frequently.  And almost every day he asks me to show him a picture of what the baby looks like now, and when it can come out so he can cuddle it and play with it.  I’m so thrilled that he’s so happy and excited for it, but I’m sad because I realize that Elijah will be almost 5 when this baby is born.  Realistically, they will never be playmates.

This week I got back on the ball with yoga and I noticed my belly is already getting in my way.  The fatigue is taking it’s toll also.  In just 3-5 more weeks, the fatigue should get better, and I can hardly wait!  Look out world, you are going to see one active, happy, pregnant lady in home made maternity clothes!  I’m going to ride my bike until my belly is too big to move my legs on the pedals, and I’m going to waddle my way through every free yoga, tai chi, pilates and nia class my school offers!  Then I’m going to come home and dance to the Velvet Underground station on Pandora while I do my housework (I’ve been doing that all day today, actually).





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One Response to 9 Weeks

  1. Joe says:

    I don’t see you mentioning jermey and how he is doing during this experience….. Remember, it takes 2 to tango……

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