Do you have any goals for the new year?

I have a deep, dark secret.

I really don’t give a crap about New Years.

Everyone seems to think it’s the greatest night of the year or something but I just don’t get the big deal.  Drunk drivers, fireworks, what for?  It doesn’t even really correspond with anything real happening in the world, it’s just as if someone arbitrarily decided “On this day we’re all going to dress in clothes that aren’t appropriate for the weather, stay up until midnight for no apparent reason, and get drunk!”.  To me, it’s just the final nail in the coffin of the holiday season, and now we all have to sit through another boring and grey winter, anxiously awaiting the moment I can start digging in my garden.

That being said, I’m okay with goal setting as long as it’s not a New Year’s Resolution.  And an arbitrary calendar date is as good a day as any to set a new goal.  Here are mine

1.  Bring my grades up – did I mention I did shitty last semester?  I mean, wow, if I don’t pull it together this semester, I’m going to lose financial aid.  Yeah, it was that bad.

2.  Ride my bike more

3.  Sew more – maternity clothes and baby stuff will be my focus

4.  Stop worrying about weight

5.  Maybe the Feingold Program?  Looking for non Adderall based means of controlling my ADHD.

6.  Develop in yoga

7.  Improve my penmanship

8.  Get serious about frugality … again

9.  Focus on simplifying my life

10.  Blog more often and write the two books I’m thinking of

11.  Stop using the word “like” inappropriately.

12.  Grow and preserve more food.

13.  Keep the house tidier (which I should probably be working on now instead of blogging)

14.  Kiss Elijah more.

So, do you have any goals?  Large or small?  Please share!!


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