Breastfeeding guilt

I hate the guilt associated with formula feeding. I don’t know why it exists. And yet, so many moms who had to formula feed fly off the handle at the mention that formula is inferior to breastmilk, accusing the world of trying to make them feel bad.
Hey, your emotions are all on you. I can’t make you feel any way. I too was not able to breastfeed exclusively, so I get it, I’m also grateful formula existed so my son didn’t starve while I was at work. But the fact remains that formula is inferior to breastmilk, and if that makes you feel guilty, it’s on you to stop the guilt, not anyone else.
I know a lot of moms out there weren’t able to breastfeed exclusively or at all. This is sometimes due to biologic reasons, but more often than not due to societal barriers set up to prevent them from successfully breastfeeding. When I post something that’s pro breastfeeding or anti formula marketing, it’s not an attack on moms who formula fed, it’s an attack on the system that made formula feeding necessary.


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