Greetings from married life!!

Woah!  I really dropped off the face of the earth there, didn’t I?

Well, a lot has happened.  I’m married now.  That’s right.  I now live with Jeremy, who is now my husband, on the complete opposite end of town with no garden and a bad ass set of stainless steel cookware.  It’s been a pretty nice existence, actually.  It will be perfect once I have a garden.

The wedding took place on August 13 at my childhood church, the reception took place in my mom’s (formerly mine as well) back yard.  It was lovely, though I find myself regretting that we went so big and conventional.  If I could do it over again, it would have been small, and perhaps an elopement.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

Me and Elijah waiting for the ceremony to start on the church patio.

Elijah and Cate, ring bearer and flower girl.

Jeremy pinning Elijah's corsage onLighting the unity candle I made from beeswax from my back yard hive!KissingMarried!!