Christmas 2010

I have, I think, gone overboard on Christmas this year.  Money is tight, and I’m spending most of it on gifts (not my upcoming wedding, which is probably an even more frivolous way to consume mindlessly).  What is wrong with me?  I haven’t even been looking at Freecycle postings.  My plans to make most stuff at home have fallen to the wayside, as I buy Elijah a Bilibo, a recycled plastic truck (which is it’s self a recycling truck!), clothes, Transformer toys, Iron Man toys, and now I have to stuff his stocking to boot!  I have a lot more people to buy for this year as well, Jeremy (who’s getting a few gifts, as well as a stuffed stocking), and his family.  When I stop to think about how much I’m buying, I feel a little ashamed.  Especially after reading this article from Sojourners today, and realizing that I haven’t even been going to church this Advent season.  I’ve just fallen into the American trap of buying Christmas happiness.

And I’d be lying if I said it didn’t give me a fair bit of pleasure.  I know it’s not supposed to.  I know it doesn’t really fill any gaping holes in my soul, but it’s so damn fun to buy stuff for your kids!  It’s like a drug.  Why is it so easy to part with money this time of year?  Every penny I’m facing down for wedding spending is like a villain.  There are tumble weeds rolling between us as we stand prepared to draw.  I hate the thought of spending that money.  But oh, when it comes time to buy Jeremy a video game, and Elijah an action figure from a movie I don’t even want him watching, oh, how the money joyfully flies out of my pocket.

What is wrong with me?  I need to turn this Christmas around right now.  We’ll make a home made meal for Christmas Even dinner, and a home made breakfast.  I will try to make more home made gifts as well, in these last (eek!) 13 days until Christmas.  I need to feel good about what I’m doing this year, I don’t want to sell myself out in the face of wedding planning.


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One Response to Christmas 2010

  1. RE says:

    Don’t beat yourself up – you are doing the best you can. Instead of focusing on what you think you should do it might be better to focus on what will make you and your family happy. Store bought toys are not the end of the world.
    For us the Christmas season continues into the new year and we celebrate the arrival of the Wise Men to see Jesus. This helps to take the pressure off of us to “do everything now” and puts the emphasis back on the reason for Christmas. Our Christmas party is held the day after Christmas and it is always a relaxed good time. December 25th is not a deadline. Good luck!

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