Hi! I’m a not terribly brand loyal.

The Mac vs. PC debate really bugs the crap out of me.

Today I feel like complaining about the debate that’s going on between Mac and PC users.  I don’t get it.  It’s just a brand on a box.  I understand that a little good natured ribbing can be fun and all, I do, but some people take this way too far.

For example, it has come to my attention that there are people out there who write viruses for Macs with the distinct intention of going into hipster coffee shops, uploading the virus onto the network, and watching all the Mac users get pissed off because their computers have now been infected with a virus.  Ha ha, we all like picking on hipsters, but seriously?  This qualifies as destruction of personal property.  I mean, I’m not a computer expert or anything, but it has happened before that I got a virus on a computer, and I lost all my photos and music in the process of having the virus wiped off my computer.  Photos that can never, ever be replaced.  Anyone who thinks its a good time to go harm the personal property of others, just because they prefer a different brand, needs to get a different perspective.  I mean, would you want someone to come into your house and burn all your family photos because they don’t like what car you drive?  It’s a very fair comparison.

To be fair, there are some real ass hole Mac users out there too.  In my experience, they are mostly the hipster douche bags who used to be PC users but switched to a Mac in their twenties because they heard that Macs are the computers that artists use.  People who grew up on Macs (like I did), and people who use them because they actually are artists, tend not to be so douchy.  They also tend not to have a problem learning how to use a PC (modern PCs look almost exactly like the Macs I grew up with, anyway), unlike PC users, who seem to have such a hard time figuring out how to use a Mac, I have to wonder sometimes if there is something about PC use that turns a person simple (or douchy, since PC users who switch to Macs to look cool are the primary population of Mac ass holes).

Okay, there I go being kind of douchy, but seriously.  I’m not a computer person at all.  My little brother asks me questions about my computer, and it’s like some kind of crazy moon language is coming out of his mouth.  But I can figure out how to use a PC and a Mac.  It’s not that difficult.

Really, is it a threat to you that someone prefers a different brand of computer than you do?  Would you prefer that there only be one option at the store next time you make a computer purchase?  Would you prefer that we live in a homogenous world of identical computers?  What else in this world do you want to be homogenous and identical?

And I seriously get the dislike of modern Mac culture, I do.  I don’t like it either, and I’m a Mac user.  I hate going into the Apple store and getting looked at like I have a learning disability because I don’t know all my computer specs, or whatever (maybe I can invite the Mac Geniuses to my garden and look at them like they’re a bunch of pussies because they’re afraid of bees and sunlight.  Ha ha ha).  Not that anyone in the Apple store knows what to do with my computer anyway, because it’s older than most of the employees there (thats hyperbole, BTW).  Then they look at me like I’m poor white trash or some kind of luddite because I have such an old computer.  Well, it works, doesn’t it?  Why should I get rid of it?  Macs are freaking expensive!!  And I get the feeling that the quality has gone down these days.

Honestly, I have a very slight preference for Macs, and I’ll tell you why.  First off, I grew up on Macs, because my mother is a graphic designer.  Growing up, everyone I went to school with made fun of me for having a Mac.  I think I got teased more about my personal computer than I did about developing D cups by the 7th grade, if you can imagine such a thing.  These kids were ruthless.  All because I didn’t own a Dell or whatever the hot computer of the era was.  It pisses me off that half those people who used to rail on me for having a Mac 15 years ago now use Macs and act like they were the ones who discovered the damn things.  They probably don’t remember making fun of me for Mac ownership back in the day.

So right there, I have a little childhood angst against PCs and their users.  But it wasn’t enough to stop me from purchasing PCs as I grew older.  In my life, I have owned two PCs, neither one of which functioned in any capacity after two years of use.  Both of which I attempted to repair, but was told that they were beyond repair, and even if they could be repaired, it would be far cheaper to buy a new one, so off to the recycling they went.  But as we speak, I am typing on a Mac that my mother bought when I was 17.  I am now 27.  Besides the fact that it’s got a virus on it that periodically accesses my Yahoo and sends out links to Viagra adds to everyone in my mailbox (we’re having a guy come in to fix it soon – because I don’t take my computer to the Apple store), it runs perfectly.  It does everything I need it to do, and I am happy with it.  Yes, even though it has a cube shaped monitor.

Our TV is still cube shaped too.  I know, we’re so archaic.

My brother says that any computer that is 10 years old is obsolete, and I should get rid of it, but I disagree.  It runs all the programs I need, it’s not like I’m on some ancient dinosaur that only has three colors and one font (though I have used such computers in the past … ).  It runs Word (or rather, Neo Office, because we’re too cheap to buy Microsoft Office), the latest versions of Safari and iTunes, and Creative Suite.  What else do we need?  Why should I get rid of this perfectly functioning computer?

My brother argued that Macs and PCs are made out of the same parts, and therefore there is no reason to believe that Macs can magically run any longer than a PC can.  But the fact remains that here I am, typing on my ten year old Mac.  The PC I bought in 2005 is sitting in a corner of my basement, not functional.  It has not worked since I was three months pregnant with Elijah, in April of 2007.  You do the math.

But my brother knows more about computers than I do, by about a million miles, so I have no reason not to believe him.  Perhaps Macs are much lower quality now than they were ten years ago (maybe because they are more popular now, so Apple has gotten in on the Build-A-Shitty-Product-So-It-Breaks-More-Often-And-We-Can-Trick-People-Into-Consuming-More-And-Take-More-Of-Their-Hard-Earned-Income-In-Excange-For-Shitty-Cheap-Product scheme).  Maybe my Mac has a magic spell on it, I don’t know.  All the more reason not to get rid of it, that’s what I think.  If you had a magic car that ran as perfectly at 100,000 miles as it did when you first pulled it off the lot, would you get rid of it?  What about if you were an unemployed single mother full time student, like me?

So that’s why I have a very slight preference.  But, if my computer were to blow up tomorrow, I’d probably replace it with a PC.  I simply can’t afford a Mac.

The thing is, I don’t get why people are so loyal to a particular brand of computer.  Of course you choose the brand you choose because for whatever reason, it works better for you.  There’s nothing wrong with that, no matter what you choose.  But when it’s to a point where a person has vivid childhood memories of being teased for owning one brand over another, well, that’s when it’s crossed over into ludacris.

I mean, what has Bill Gates or Steve Jobs ever done for you that you feel the need to wage a personal crusade against those who purchase their competition?


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One Response to Hi! I’m a not terribly brand loyal.

  1. missiworld says:

    Marshall is a PC elitist in the extreme, though. And as much as he tirades against hipsters, he pretty much is one.

    Aside from that, though, the only reason I see between getting a Mac or a PC depends on what you’re going to do with it: art or not art. Because, if you’re making videos and art projects, Macs are so much easier! But if you just need to write papers and use Excel sheets, get a PC that’s cheaper.

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