Stressing your kids out

Are we putting our kids under too much stress in school? I think so!

Single mothers know better than anyone what kind of a negative effect stress can have on your well being.  It ages you, makes you more likely to gain weight, get sick, suffer from depression, etc.  Its straight up bad for you.

So why are we, as a nation, putting our children under more and more stress?

The Alliance for Childhood recently released a groundbreaking report called Crisis in the Kindergarten, detailing the effects of the loss of play in school, and the increase in teaching material above the level of small children, in order to prepare them for standardized tests.  The results are shocking and saddening.

I have always believed that giving too much homework, teaching to standardized tests and pressuring students to pick up on material faster than they may be able to was doing more harm than good to our education system.  Finally, there are studies being done to back me up.  Its enough to make me want to home school Elijah when the time comes, or send him to a private school where I don’t have to worry about this kind of thing.  Unfortunately, as a single mother, I simply don’t get that option.  Most single mothers don’t.  The only thing we can do is fight our school boards and policy makers on this issue.

Another article in the Boston Globe, Pressure Cooker Kindergarten, sums up the Alliance for Childhood findings, but you would do well to read both the article, and the report, before sending your child to kindergarten at a public school.  Its important to know what we’re up against as conscious parents.


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2 Responses to Stressing your kids out

  1. missiworld says:

    It’s frightening that this type of standardised education starts that early and continues until university. I remember being in second grade when my teachers began to tell us that we must learn how to use centimetres in order to prepare for the MAP test (Missouri Aptitude Placement test). Absolutely ridiculous to only teach because of subject matter on a test. No wonder children hate learning these days; it’s because they were never taught in the first place, just forced to swallow information so that they could regurgitate it later on.

  2. jessimonster says:

    The more I read on education, the more I really don’t want to send Elijah to public schools.

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