How to find a doula

Looking for a doula? Not sure if you can afford one? Check out my tips on finding a doula!

When I first heard about a doula, I didn’t think I could afford one and I wouldn’t have begun to know where to look for one.  Luckily for me, my first sergeant informed me that his wife was a doula, and she offered me a discount since I was in the National Guard and because I was a single mom.

Now that I am a doula, I have learned all sorts of ways to find doulas, and all sorts of ways you can get a doula for a reduced cost or free.  Here are my tips for the single mom who wants a doula to attend her birth.

Check certification agenciesDONA (Doulas of North America) and CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association) are the two biggest doula certifying agencies.  They keep records of all the doulas who certified with them across the world, and offer listings to women looking for doulas.

Craigslist – Lost of doulas, myself included, list their services on craigslist.

DoulaMatch – this is a website with local doula listings

Local Doula Associations – I imagine that every state has one, and it will likely provide you with a good list of local doulas.  Here in Colorado, we have the Colorado Doula Association.

Ask your doctor or midwife – It is very likely that your doctor or midwife knows of a doula or two.

Keep your eyes peeled in parenting,,, all of these sites have a lot of lurking doulas.

Ask other moms – lots of people hire doulas.  Maybe someone you know knows of a good one.

Facebook – almost every doula I know has a Facebook page, including me.

Low cost doulas – most doulas work on a sliding scale and will offer lower cost services to those in financial need.  Doulas in the process of certifying will often work for reduced rates, or even free.  You can find certifying doulas in all the same places you find certified doulas.


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