I’m not abandoning this blog

I’m not.

I’m just sending it to go live on a farm where it will have plenty of room to run and play.  Just for a while.  I will come back and visit, from time to time, to write about single mother specific issues, most likely.  But I haven’t been here for a while, and I won’t be for a while, because I have been making some major changes in my life that have led to me starting a new, more environmentally focused blog, Green Single Mommy.

What’s happened with me?

I’m starting school this month.

I’m seeing someone.

I’m training for a marathon.  Denver Marathon, 2010!

I’m working on the Green Single Mommy Project.  I’m hoping the blog will eventually become a book.  Please come check it out!

I’ll be seeing you guys!



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Badass feminist environmentalist.
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2 Responses to I’m not abandoning this blog

  1. Casey Pastine says:

    I want to add to your wishes:
    1. I wish they’d worldwide disband the World Trade Organization.
    2.I wish men would stop lying about STD’s.
    3.I wish we would put the CEO’s that stole from all of us in jail, and comfiscate their ill gotten gains to bring clean water, solar, and pensions to the majority of the people.
    4.I wish more of you would realize the world is overpopulated and stop having kids. Adopt!
    5.I wish we’d all compost.
    6.I wish more people would take public transport.
    7. I wish we could convince doctors that they do not meet the core competency requirements set down by the A.M.A. when they only see a patient for 3 minutes. Much less treat them for squat in that timeframe.
    8.I wish we had employers that recognize the need to employ enough people to properly do a job, instead of having numerous people starve and others become burnt out.
    9. I wish Bill Gates would work on helping Africans with cleaner water, instead of malaria vaccine. We have not succeeded in a vaccine for a parasite that I am aware of, whereas we have succeeded in ridding a large portion of the global disease lode by having clean sources of water.
    10. I wish more people were curious about the world they live in.
    9.I wish

  2. jessimonster says:

    While I think your wishes are very nice, I do want to point out that adoption is not without problems. Most people who have children do not wish to put them up for adoption just so that other people can have the luxury of not bearing children of their own, and there have been lots and lots of accusations against adoption agencies of “adoption coercion”, where representatives of an organization will tell a woman who wants to parent lies about her resources as a single mother, that God will only forgive her of her sin of getting pregnant out of wedlock if she gives the baby away, that they will only help her if she gives the baby away, that she would be a horrible mother and a horrible person to keep the baby. Its wrong to chip away at a woman’s self esteem and tell her lies to convince her to give away a child she would otherwise want to parent.
    Accusations of how orphans are acquired in other countries are even worse. There are stories of children being kidnapped and sold to adoption agencies. Adoption agencies often make tons of money off of fees paid by adopting parents.
    Of course, there is ethical adoption taking place out there, and I applaud it. But I think those agencies are few and far between, and they don’t get nearly as many mothers and children as the more crooked ones do. Ethical adoption is not so easy as just deciding to do it. Hell, unethical adoption is still very hard to do, and many couples sit on waiting lists for years and years, some never getting children.
    Yes, there are many children out there who badly need adopting, but sadly, these are the children who are least likely to be adopted. I’m talking about children in foster care, or children with illnesses or disabilities. Most people want to adopt a healthy baby, and healthy babies are in short supply, which is why they fetch such a huge price. The most ethical option, if you are considering adoption, is surely to adopt a child out of foster care (something I would very much like to do one day), but that can also be a difficult process. My former boss and his wife had a very difficult time adopting five boys they had fostered. For some reason, the government thought that it would be a better idea to break up the five brothers than to let one family adopt them all. Really?
    Of course population issues need to be addressed, but adoption is not the answer to that issue. If everyone decided to stop having babies and adopt, there would be no babies to adopt. Eventually, we’d run out of kids in foster care too. Children should be conceived responsibly, of course, and when a birth control ooops happens, as it is bound to occasionally, women should have a variety of choices of responsible, caring, and ethical things to do to make sure that any child they bring into the world is well loved and provided for.

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