Study shows stability more important than two parent home

Laughable as it might seem to intelligent people, there are actually some people out there who believe that a child is better off in a home with two parents than they are in a home with a single parent, even if one of the parents in the dual parent household is abusing the children.

A new study out proves this idea wrong (as if it needed proving in the first place).  This study suggests not only do the children of stable, single parents perform just as well as the children of stable, married parents, but children in a stable, single parent home tend to do better than in homes with unhappy marriages,  homes that go through a divorce, or even homes that go through a marriage (as if a single mother were to get married).  Things staying the same – stable – seems to be the key for raising emotionally and physically healthy kids.

The authors of this study go so far as to say that single parents may want to consider staying single for the welfare of their kids, as changing things by moving in with someone or getting married may cause instability that could harm your child’s emotional well being.

They also call out flaws in previous studies that suggest that dual parent homes are somehow better than single parent homes.

This study flies in the face of people who believe single parent homes are responsible for increased crime in this country, but don’t expect any of those people to change their views based on this study.  Personally, I think it is damn near impossible to ensure complete stability for your kids, whether you are married or single, but I do agree with the authors warning not to move in with someone or marry them unless you are sure it is going to last.  It is better for your kids that you are single and happy than if you are in a miserable marriage.


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