Turning a bad situation into an opportunity

Today I was informed that I would not be retained in my current job.  Working full time for the National Guard is not a given, its something very few Guardsmen get to do, and now, I will no longer be one of them.  Its also something I didn’t really enjoy, so I’m trying not to get too broken up about it.

That being said, I do have a mortgage to pay, and a child to feed, and a car payment, and so on, and so on.  My budget is stretched pretty thin as it is and I’m not confident I will be able to find a job on the civilian side that pays as much as this job did.  So, despite my not being sad about the actual job, I am worried about the future and how I’m going to pay all my bills.

But this could be an opportunity in disguise.  In fact, it may just be all the Deepak Chopra I’ve been reading lately, but I’m inclined to believe it must be.  Just like, in retrospect, I know that getting pregnant with my son was probably life saving (its what prompted me to get out of an abusive relationship), one day I’ll probably look back on this as one of the better things that ever happened to me.  Its just that right now, its hard to see what kind of good place this will be taking me.

But at least it will no longer be taking me to the Denver Armory or Buckley AFB every day.


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One Response to Turning a bad situation into an opportunity

  1. September says:

    Visit my website… http://www.ceospace.net

    here you will find MANY opportunities. to change your life. I’m not here to sell you… i just know that for 20 years… we have been changing live. Look at the Lisa Nicholas video… she explains everything.

    Even if I never hear from you – at least you’ll know something is out there.

    God bless you… thank you for your service.

    By the way, my step-son – Ryan is a purple heart marines. fight twice.

    September Dohrmann

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