The International Cesarean Awareness Network

Who here knows about ICAN?  I didn’t, until a friend of mine from the midwifery training program I’m enrolled in was named president.

ICAN is a great organization that provides support and advocacy for women who have had a c-section.  Whether you are unable to have babies vaginally, or you have had many a successful VBAC since your cesarean birth, ICAN is a great recourse for you.

They also dedicate themselves to preventing c-sections.  Of course c-sections are life saving operations, but they come with many health risks to mother and child, and they are best avoided, if possible.  Kind of like chemo therapy.  Of course, it kills cancer, but you’re better off avoiding getting cancer in the first place because chemo therapy is awful.  If there are ways to prevent cesareans (and cancer), they should be found and implemented, and that is what ICAN is helping to do.


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