Things I’ll never do

O Solo Mama wrote her list of things she’ll never do, and I thought it was kind of nice.  It got me thinking about things I’ll never do.

I’ll never have a traditional, 4 year college experience.

I’ll never travel the Pan American Highway on a scooter.

I’ll never study abroad.

I’ll never live in the rain forests of South America (although I hope I’ll still visit them one day).

I’ll never be elected to political office (and thank God, really).

I’ll never be an NCO – okay, I might, but I really hope I’m not in that long.

I don’t want to say I’ll NEVER do a tour in the Peace Corps, but I’m willing to say I may not ever.

I will never have a prom-like experience.

I will never be a bum in a ski town for a year or two.

I will never be close with my father.

I will never be involved in a film production of something I wrote.

I will never get a sun tan.  No, seriously, I’m a red head.  I only burn.


About Rockingthehomestead

Badass feminist environmentalist.
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2 Responses to Things I’ll never do

  1. osolomama says:

    I like your list! See–it’s cleansing!!

  2. faerylandmom says:

    What a great idea to come to terms with some things that just aren’t going to happen. Thanks for sharing this part of yourself with us. I enjoyed reading it.

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