Keep on rocking the happiness theme

I’m going with a happiness theme, because I’m trying to redefine what makes me happy.  I spend a lot of time thinking about how happy I will be when I get out of the Army, but that can’t happen for a long time, so what’s going to make me happy now?  If I had a list, it would go like this:

  • Finding more time to spend with my son
  • The feeling of accomplishment I would have if I felt ready to run the BolderBoulder
  • Spending more time with friends, and making more, if needed
  • Maybe getting into a relationship, or just dabbling in dating a little
  • Spending more time writing creatively
  • Spending more time creating crafts and/or art
  • The feeling of accomplishment I have when I spend a whole day eating healthy
  • Starting back to school so that I can be actively moving towards my goals

So what does happiness come down to for me?  Love, Socializing, Health and Accomplishment.  None of those require getting out of the Army.

Here is what scientists say will make me happy.


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