Doula Workshop

I had the most fabulous time at my doula workshop the weekend before last.  I am very confident that I have found my calling in life.

After having shadowed a doula on one birth and taking this workshop, I feel I am ready to strike out and try my hand at attending births on my own.  So, if anyone is pregnant and in the Denver Metro area, feel free to message me if you’d like a free doula.  All you have to do is fill out an evaluation of my performance as a doula after the birth (your doctor and nurse does too).  I need to collect three evaluations to complete my DONA certification, but it sometimes takes a lot more than three births to actually get three evals from doctors and nurses, so don’t be shy about asking me to be your doula!  From now until I complete my certification, I will accept everyone free!  Yay! 

Now, that little bit of shameless advertising aside, I learned a lot during the workshop.  It was awesome.  And a little disturbing at parts (especially the part where we had to watch a video of a c-section being performed, icky!).

I learned that March of Dimes offers grants to people studying to become nurses, doulas, childbirth educators and lactation consultants.  Especially to those who will provide their services free of or for minimal charge to low income mothers (exactly what I’m getting into the doula profession to do!)

I learned about becoming a certified massage therapist, and how that could get me more business as a doula and allow me to charge more (for those who can afford to pay for a doula, that is).

I learned about a bunch of cool resources which I plan to share with you all over time.  Today, I am sharing with you the Lamaze Institute for Normal Birth.  Enjoy!

And I met a bunch of really awesome women.  I really feel great about this path I have chosen.  I am going to take it even further by becoming a childbirth educator and a breastfeeding expert (I learned about a course that makes you one during my doual workshop).  One day, maybe, I’ll move a step beyond and become a midwife, but for now, that day is still a ways away.


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6 Responses to Doula Workshop

  1. Allie says:

    Good for you! That’s amazing! And so exciting to feel you’ve found your calling!

  2. Hey! I think I’ve seen your profile maybe with the Hip Mama’s meetup??? Anyhoo, I am also certifying to be a labor doula with CAPPA! Small world. I just had my training back mid-Nov and am going to the Mountain Midwifery Birth Center ( training in a week. So excited for that! I had a water birth there back in June and it was great. Do you have any clients yet? Let me know if you ever need a backup because I need births too! 🙂
    – Amy

  3. deliveryqueen says:

    Just wondering…How do you get a grant from yhe March of Dimes. Did you call them or search their web site?

    • jessimonster says:

      You know, I emailed them a couple of times, but have not heard back from them. There is information on the website for grants for students seeking nursing or midwifery degrees, but nothing about doula, breastfeeding, or childbirth educator courses. I guess I should try calling them this time. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Marcus Adams says:

    My wife also considered becoming a massage therapist for the same reasons you did, but then she started accepting clients, and she’s completely booked, and doesn’t have time to study massage, so apparently, depending on your area, you might just get started immediately after your certification and see what happens.

    By the way, here’s a great short documentary film that my wife helped produce about doulas. It may inspire you.

    “Do You Doula?”

    • jessimonster says:

      Actually, I have decided, since this, to start studying home birth midwifery. I’m in a correspondence course called Midwives to Be right now. Its pretty cool.

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