Mommy Multitasking: Smooth Legs

I used to wax. Can you believe that? I used to wax everything. Myself. I’m cheap like that. I reused my wax too. Yes, you can do that if you get the kind that doesn’t need strips, like Zip wax (that’s the kind that works best anyhow). It took all day, but I didn’t have to do it again for a month. My legs (and various other body parts) were smooth as a baby’s butt for three weeks, and when the hair finally did make an appearance again, it was as soft, fine and blond as baby hair.

Now that I’m a mom, I no longer have time to lay out an entire day once a month to dedicate to hair removal. In the beginning, I could hardly find five minutes a day to shave. I spent the first half of my momhood very hairy indeed (what does it matter anyhow? I’m not dating anyone, and it was winter!). Now I’ve found the time.

As part of my son’s bedtime routine, he takes a bath. While he is playing with his plastic fish and splashing, I throw my feet in the tub, grab my razor, and real quick shave. My legs still aren’t ever as smooth as they are when they are freshly waxed, but at least I’m not running around looking like some auburn Sasquatch anymore.

Also, if I can squeeze it in, I do a sugar scrub on my feet.  It feels awesome, and I deserve it.  You do too!  Of course, I make my own sugar scrub.


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3 Responses to Mommy Multitasking: Smooth Legs

  1. Verda Vivo says:

    Ouch, I never could wax properly. The first time I tried it I used hot wax so my legs felt like they were cooked – nice and red. Then my daughter got me to try some wax strips. I did it too many times and looked like I had a rash on my face. The wax removed too much skin, not enough hair.

    Now I use an epilator. It stung a bit at first but not I use it on my legs and underarms. Still can’t use it on my face but I don’t really need to. I can epilate as quickly as I could shaving and the hair that grows back is not scratchy. My daughter uses an epilator now too and she loves it.

    I wrote a post about it as well:

  2. jessimonster says:

    The trick for hot waxing is you need to let it cool to a comfortable temperature before you use it. I’ve found that wax strips don’t remove nearly enough hair, so whats the point? Sugar waxes remove far more hair that wax strips do, and sugar waxes don’t remove much either. If I have to go over an area with wax more than twice, its not worth much more than duct tape (which you can also wax with, by the way, thats an old Army hair removal trick). I’ll have to post a sugar wax recipe here one day.
    The great thing about wax is that eventually, the hairs you wax off will stop growing back. It takes a while, but it could be considered permanent hair removal, which is great for someone like me, because laser removal doesn’t work on red hair.
    That all being said, waxing isn’t for everyone. It does hurt, there’s no getting around that. Sure, you get used to it after a while, so it hurts less, but the pain never goes entirely away.

  3. Verda Vivo says:

    I might try wax one day for my upper lip since I can’t use my epilator there. Too ouchy. Since an epilator pulls the hair out I find that my legs are less hairy these days so I can get away with doing it less. I like that a lot since I live in sunny southern Arizona. ~ Daryl

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