Stomp out Bullying

Maybe its because I come from Columbine era Littleton, but bullying is a serious issue for me.  After Columbine, I think we all should have learned that bullying is not just kids being kids, it can cause long term damage to chidren well into adulthood, can easily escalate into violence, and can in some occasions get bad enough that the victim could snap and retalliate violence back on whoever they perceive to be a perpatrator.  I had hoped that lesson  would have been learned, but I didn’t see much of a change of pace around Littleton after the events of April 20th. 

Thats why I’m glad to see that some one is actually addressing this issue.  Enter the Stomp out Bullying campaign, from Love Our Children USA.  I think it is very important for parents to become involved in this issue.  In the end, children learn how to respect themselves and eachother from us.  So remember to always treat yourself how you would want your child to treat him or herself, and to always treat others how you would want your child to treat others and how you would want others to treat your child.


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One Response to Stomp out Bullying

  1. Middle Man says:

    A noble cause indeed. I too understand the dangers of bullying:

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