We all go a little Tightwad sometimes

Single moms know about doing whatever they can to make ends meet.  Especially in this economy.  Thats why I read personal finance and frugal living blogs like Get Rich Slowly and Cheap Like Me, even No Impact Man has some awesome tips (there’s links in my side bar, I don’t feel like hyperlinking right now).  Today I found another good one, and I want to share it with you.

Tightwad Tod

I feel like his name is spelled wrong, but he seriously spells it with only one D.

Anyway, I highly recommend all these blogs to single moms, because they have some awesome money saving tips and ideas.  And living frugally is not just about making your paycheck go the extra mile, it also usually turns out to be the most environmentally friendly thing to do.  Over consumption of resources is at the very root of every environmental issue we face today.  So when you buy your kid’s clothes and toys used at Goodwill and garage sales, don’t think of it as living cheap.  Think of it as living green.  When you dilute your hair conditioner with water to make it last longer, don’t think of it as cheap.  Think of it as conserving resources.

Because true green living isn’t about buying more expensive products, its about buying less and making what you’ve got stretch further.


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