New Years Resolutions

I’m always coming up with lame excuses to make some sort of resolution.  I can’t just do it because I want to, no, I have to tie it to something meaningful and symbolic.

So, some of you might know that Samhain (otherwise known as Halloween) is pretty much the new year celebration for European Pagan cultures, so in honor of the European Pagan New Year, I have made a resolution.  I am going to delve as far as I can into my local community.

All of this started because the previous owners of our house had a subscription to the Columbine Courier which is still being delivered to our house.  I have lived in Littleton my whole life, and have never once picked up a copy of the Columbine Courier.  Now I’m addicted to it.  Who knew so much amazing, crazy, interesting stuff happened right here in my little chunk of the world?  Wow.

So I’ve been seeing what’s up in the Courier and checking out new things around my hometown.  What fun it has been!  Last night, I went to a debate for the County Commissioner hosted by the League of Women’s Voters.  Instead of leaving feeling depressed and bored (as I would have felt at the end of the presidential debates), I left feeling really hopeful about the potential progress of my county, and I had a button and a yard sign!  Awesome!

I think this is really the start of some grand adventures for me and Elijah.  I’ll make sure to keep you all posted on the developments.


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One Response to New Years Resolutions

  1. Allie says:

    That is wonderful! How exciting that you’re discovering such a great community right under your nose. I really need to get out and do more in my town. I have a few things I participate in, in the greater area, but I could do more right here. I think you’ve inspired me!

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