Mommy Multitasking: Home made frozen meals

Whenever I cook a meal, I cook a ton of it. I mean, upwards of 10 servings. Then I put all the servings into individual zip lock baggies and freeze them.

In the mornings, while I am getting ready for work, I can just open my freezer and grab a healthy, cheap, eco friendly and fast frozen meal, which I later microwave at work.

It makes packing your lunch (the cheapest and most environmentally friendly thing to do) a breeze.

And of course, I rinse out my baggies and reuse them until they get holes in them or are otherwise rendered useless. Reuse saves money, and is better for the environment.  (Word to the wise, let your food cool a little before putting it into the bags, it minimizes leaching of chemicals from the plastic into your food, and putting hot food into the baggies could cause them to develop holes)


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