Happy World Vegetarian Day (a day late!)

Well, I’m back on the vegetarian wagon.  Actually, I have been since that salmon on Monday.  Hopefully I last longer this time.  Yes, I still have this inner battle going on, but I really, truely think the vegetarian side is winning.  I’m at least done with land animal, of that I am fairly certain.

Quitting meat is harder than quitting smoking was.   At least with quitting smoking there was no inner voice saying “Its okay to smoke, its natural, you’re a creature that was meant to occasionally smoke, other smoking creatures feel no guilt about smoking”.  Just replace “smoking” with “eating meat” and you’ll have a sample of some of the inner torment that’s going on inside me.  Yeah, with smoking, my inner voice said “Yeah, you probably should quit.  Its really bad for you.  Its expensive.  It makes you stink.  It makes your teeth turn yellow and gives you cavaties.  It makes you run slower … even slower.  It will make you wrinkle sooner.” etc.

Anyway, yesterday was World Vegetarian Day, so if you’re a vegetarian, you should be celebrating.  Its the kick off for World Vegetarian Month, and in favor of this month, I swear to god I will not eat a single peice of animal flesh, even if I decide that I do indeed want to go back to being a flexitarian.  Not even sweet, sweet salmon.

Dairy is still on though.  I have realized that I don’t really consume a lot of dairy though.  I signed up for Farm Crest because their skim milk is awesome, and I’m not drinking it as fast as they deliver it.  I have two brand new milks in my fridge right now.  I might have to cancel the service.


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One Response to Happy World Vegetarian Day (a day late!)

  1. carlossera says:

    I think my favorite is Talk Like A Pirate day. Wait, definitely my favorite day.

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