Natural beauty on the cheap

Beauty products are so expensive. And the conventional ones (read, reasonably priced ones) are filled with so much nasty junk that you probably shouldn’t be putting on your skin. In fact, there’s a ton of research that shows that most of those chemicals are not only dangerous, but that they actually make whatever condition you’re trying to remedy (for example, acne, dry skin, fly away hair, etc.) worse in the long run. That’s like drinking some magical concoction that actually makes you thirstier after you’re done drinking it! Oh wait, that’s anything with caffeine in it. Okay, that’s like eating some magical food that actually makes you hungrier after you’re done eating it! Oh wait, that’s anything with high fructose corn syrup in it. Okay, that’s like putting on lotion that actually makes your skin dryer after it wears off! Exactly.

Whats the solution? Well, you could buy expensive organic products after doing lots of research to find out if they are really as natural and organic as they claim to be (check out the Cosmetic Safety Database to see how safe and effective your products are), or you could take cheap products mostly found in your kitchen and use them. I’ve found that cheap kitchen products have been the most effective beauty products I’ve ever used, so every now and then, I’d like to share my discoveries with you.

Today, I am sharing my recipe for a sugar/salt scrub.

You will need

  • Sugar or salt (I like sugar, because if there’s any cuts or sores on my skin, salt will sting, but both work fine)
  • Olive oil

Optional Ingredients

  • Essential oils
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Caffeine pills
  • Any edible oil
  • Food coloring
  • Baking soda
  • Oatmeal
  • Coffee grounds

Okay, are you ready for some complex instructions?

Mix together olive oil and sugar until you have a consistency like wet sand. Use as you would any store bought sugar or salt scrub. Store in a water tight container. I keep mine right in my shower.

If you would like, you may add some essential oil for fragrance. You may add some glycerin for extra softening power. You may add ground up caffeine pills for firming power, or you may add food coloring to make it pretty.

You can replace the olive oil with any oil you would eat. Coconut and almond oils are nice and already smell good. Avocado oil is popular as well.

For a finer scrub, you can use baking soda instead of sugar or salt. If you have sensitive or itchy skin, oatmeal is a good replacement for salt. A lot of people use strait coffee grounds as an exfollient too, but as there are no coffee drinkers in my house, I’ve never tried it.

Of course, you can combine any of these ingredients countless different ways. You want an oatmeal and baking soda scrub with Olive and Avocado oil? Go for it! Be creative and find what works for you.

Its cheaper than most conventional beauty products, its safer and more effective than most conventional beauty products, its greener than conventional beauty products, and the best part is, you know your child isn’t going to die if he eats it. You won’t even have to call poison control. Awesome.


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3 Responses to Natural beauty on the cheap

  1. alliesanswers says:

    Oooh! Thanks for posting this!

  2. goldengoat says:

    Great recipe. I make all natural products and would love to have you review some products for your blog. I try to keep my prices reasonable, but still put food on the table. My website is for your review.
    Pam Keller
    B.S. Microbiology/Chemistry

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