Every 33 seconds, an American child is born into poverty

I heard that statistic on Democracy Now this morning, along with several other disturbing statistics.  You can hear the full interview here.  The interview served to remind me that the plight of single mothers is not just the plight of single mothers.  It is the plight of children.

The number one factor that puts a child in poverty is a single parent house hold.  If we, as Americans, want to end child poverty here, we need to do something to aid single mothers and to help prevent our children from having children before they are ready.  But what can we do?

I am very skeptical that either major political party holds the answers, especiallly the Republicans.  I’ve heard them refer to Democrats (and by insinuation, all political parties that side to the left of them) as “me first, country second” liberals.  But I can’t help but wonder when they use this phrase, what is the country, exactly?

It can’t possibly be our fellow countrymen, because the Republicans seem to have very little care for the vast majority of us.  Those of us who need the most help, the poor, the disabled, the oppressed, the enlisted in the military, and the children (who are, of course, almost always incapable of changing their circumstances), are completely neglected and ignored by the Republicans.  We are told we simply don’t work hard enough, with complete disreguard for the work opportunities we have been granted.  Its like putting a ball and chain on our legs, throwing us in the ocean, and blaming us for not being able to swim.

It can’t possibly be the physical land mass that is the country, considering the Republicans utter disreguard for preserving the beauty and function of the land, as well as their insistance upon polluting and trashing the very air we breathe, water we drink, and soil we grow our food in, in the name of corporate profits.  Furthermore, they seem to be completely careless about the effects on our health of these polutants and toxins which they pump into our air, soil and water, slather on our food, and put in our hygene products, consumer goods and toys.

Is it the military?  I find that hard to believe, given that McCain voted against giving OEF and OIF veterans the same benefits that WWII veterans had.  And he voted against providing National Guardsmen and Reservists with health benefits.  Along with a slew of other complaints you can learn more about from Veterans for Common Sense.

It can’t even be the government, since the Republicans seem to staunchly oppose funding government operations (taxes) but love to spend government money which doesn’t really exist, putting the government further and further in debt.  It’s like the Republicans are stealing the government’s identity and ruining its credit (not to mention it’s image in the eyes of the rest of the world).

What part of this country, exactly, do the Republicans put before themselves?

Do they honestly believe that those of us who are not as well off as them deserve what we get, and that our needs are less important than some amorphous term “country”?  Aren’t we the country?  Do they really think that children born into poverty deserve their fate?  Why?  For having the audacity to be born to a “whore” who happened to get pregnant outside of wedlock and didn’t have a rich and powerful family to bail her out and force the biological father to marry her (I’m just saying …)?

I struggle with these thoughts a lot, and I’ve come to realize that its not that Republicans actually believe that its a child’s fault for being born to a single mother, or into poverty, or any other situation that they cannot actually control.  Its just that the Republicans don’t give a shit.  They simply don’t care.  Unless it affects them directly, or its rubbed in their faces (like the plight of unborn fetuses – whom they care so desperately about – until they are born, that is), they don’t care.

Maybe we need to start rubbing poverty in the Republicans faces.  As a matter of fact, we need to start rubbing it in the Democrats faces too (they aren’t much better than the Republicans).  Maybe if the Republicans see it, if they see what happens to those babies after they are born, then maybe, just maybe, they’ll care as much about the born babies as they do about the unborn.

Thats my rant for the day.


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4 Responses to Every 33 seconds, an American child is born into poverty

  1. batguano101 says:

    Nice rant.

    The cold hard fact is the Republicans and the closet new world order Democrats do have a plan for you and your child.

    You are disposable.

    The sooner you accept the fact that this is their plan, they have no shame about it and cannot be shamed by words, the sooner you will adapt to this evil and seek your own plan for survival.

    No, this is not the way it ought to be, but it is the truth.

  2. Lilliput says:

    I hear you

    I just wanted to tell youwhat its like over the pond here in Britain. Single mothers have been very well looked after with housing and childcare benefits for the last 10-15 years. We now have the highest teenage pregnancy and I think at least 45 % of children are born into single parent households. The jails are so full we don’t bother to put criminals inside andthere are now as many addicts living on befefits as there are armed forces. Its now uber cool to be a single mom – no stigma attached. It doesn’t work.

    I don’t know how you became a single mom – and in effect it doesn’t matter. My concern is how do we stop young and old ladies from thinking its ok to have a child without a partner who will support you. Fathers are not only for financial support but emotional, educational, spriritual, discipline etc etc etc

  3. jessimonster says:

    Thank you for that glimpse into the world across the Atlantic. I see you have a similar single parent household rate as we do. I also see you have citizens claiming there is no stigma against single mothers whilst simultaneously presenting an obvious stigma against single mothers.
    No one is arguing that fathers are not vital, crucial, and in short supply. Of course fathers play an irreplaceable role in a child’s upbringing. But what you assume is that fathers are not there because mothers have some how made them not be there, and I think that is pig headed. I don’t know what they teach you in sex ed over there, but over here I learned that a woman cannot get pregnant without sperm from a man. Since most women who get pregnant out of wedlock are not wealthy enough to go purchase sperm on a whim, I can only assume that she gets the sperm when a man places his penis inside of her vagina and deposits it. If this is done against the man’s will, that’s called rape, and he needs to press charges and the child should be taken from the mothers custody.
    It is absolutely ridiculous to place all the blame for a woman getting pregnant on the woman. She did not impregnate herself. It takes two to tango and men are equally (if not more so) responsible for the numbers of children born into single parent households. No one is making them run away from their children. Women want to raise children with a loving partner. Even women who choose to purchase sperm to get pregnant without a mate do not do so because they simply don’t want a mate, they do it because they haven’t found an appropriate mate yet and there is only so much time in which its safe for a woman to have a child. It is programmed into us, into all people, to find a life mate with whom to raise a family. No one, not men or women, want to have a family by themselves. Unfortunately, some of us are forced into that position because the other partner runs away or refuses to accept their share of the responsibility. The fact of the matter is that in the vast majority of cases, it is the man who runs away, not the woman. The woman is left picking up the pieces and struggling to raise a child without that vital piece that is the father.
    You ask what can be done to stop women from having children without a partner to provide for them. I think a more appropriate question is, “what can be done to stop men from abandoning their children?”. A lot of people think they are doing their sons a big favor by encouraging them not to take responsibility when their sexual partner gets pregnant, but I think we are actually doing our sons a great disservice. I do not want to tell my son that he is not responsible for what he does with his own body. I do not want my son to grow up thinking he’s some half retarded man-slut who has no control over where his penis takes him, and therefore is exempt from any responsibility over what his penis does. Men and women both need to take control of their reproductive rights and responsibilities.
    There is no way to force men (or women, for that matter) to do this. There is no way to force men to step up to the plate and take care of their children. All we can do is teach our children, especially our boys, what their responsibilities are, and hope that they live up to them.
    In the mean time, are we supposed to just let these children wallow in poverty, punishing them for the actions of their parents? Are we supposed to deny them health care coverage so that if they are sick, they just die? Are we supposed to rob them of an education equivalent to that of the children of more well to do, dual parent households so that they will never have the opportunity to pull themselves out of poverty? Are we supposed to cancel community programs that keep these children off the street, away from drugs and out of each other’s beds so that they won’t repeat the actions of their parents? Are we supposed to give these kids scientifically inaccurate sex education, so that they don’t know how to properly protect themselves against unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases?
    That’s what we’re doing on this side of the pond, and its not working either.
    As for the addicts in the military thing, over here, we piss test our service members at least once a year, and if anyone is doing drugs, they are discharged. If you seriously have that big of a problem with addiction in your military over there, I think you might benefit from implementing such a program yourself. I mean, really. Wow. Addicts in the military? As many as there are on the streets? Either your military needs serious help, or you really don’t have that many addicts on the streets. I’m just saying.
    Of course, I don’t really think you have that many addicts in your military. I have a buddy here who was in the infantry over there before immigrating to America, and he says your troops are much more disciplined and elite than ours are.

  4. you can actually help relieve poverty in a small way by buying online through Freelygive.org
    I have been involved in Child sponsorship for over 28 years through World Vision and Missionary Ventures Canada. I have also made about 15 mssion trips to mainly Central American countries. Freely Give is an idea I had recently to raise money to sponsor children in developing countires by getting commissions from major stores, airlines etc. when people buy through our site. At the moment we sponsor 7 kids and hope to add a new one every two weeks !! Why not give it a look .

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