Reporting live from a national special security event

I know I said you wouldn’t hear from me while I’m doing the Guard thing, but here I am!

Okay, I haven’t been down around there much (and thank God! we don’t want to go downtown, because that means things have gotten violent down there) but I did go on a little run downtown yesterday, and let me tell you what I saw.

  • I saw bike rickshaws and bike rental stations.  How awesome!  I hope these things stick around (at least the bike rental stations, I don’t know how useful bike rickshaws are going to be in the long term, but who knows?).  I can just picture it, I could take the light rail down town and then take a bike when I get there.  I’d never have to drive downtown again.  Denver is really working hard to be seen as uber green during this convention, so I really hope we keep it up.
  • I saw cops on every corner.  Let me tell you, I don’t envy these guys jobs.
  • I saw people peaceably exercising their first amendment rights.
  • I saw people behaving in more negative manners, but nothing violent or destructive.
  • I saw street corner carts selling cheapo Obama gear.
  • I saw an excess of knock off designer purse street carts.

In other news, today my PA team engaged The Daily Show.  Yeah, the Daily Show.  It was pretty awesome.  Jon Stewart was not there, but I did get my picture taken with John Oliver.


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One Response to Reporting live from a national special security event

  1. allie says:

    wow! That’s really cool! Glad you were able to blog about it- it’s neat to hear insider details!

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