Ramping up for the DNC

Sorry I haven’t been writing much lately.  Unless I can find time to do it on my iPhone while nursing, I don’t have time for the internet these days.  As you may or may not know, the entire Colorado National Guard is preparing to be activated for the Democratic National Convention.  We will be working in support of local law enforcement agencies, blah blah blah, command information.

What this means for me is

a) two weeks without seeing Elijah, even though I’ll only be about a half hour’s drive from home 

b) I won’t be able to participate in any of the DNC demonstrations with any of the organizations I belong to

c) I am busy as hell at work getting ready for this enevitable madhouse

I’ve been busy putting together a family care plan for Elijah incase the unthinkable happens and I die during the DNC or if Elijah gets sick or hurt and my mom needs to get him medical help.  Its been slow going (because no one is ever in the JAG office!), and terribly stressful and frightening.  For example, I need to start thinking about if something were to happen that kills me and my mom, but not Elijah, where does he go?  Yes, I have a large extended family, but I’m skeptical that any of them would raise Elijah the way I want him to be raised.

Another thing, how much is my estate worth?  Yeah, I just bought a new house, but I haven’t even made a payment yet, so do I count the worth of my house as my estate, even though I still owe everything my house is worth?  Its so complicated!

Where are the guys from JAG?  Where?!?!?!?

Anyway, if you don’t hear from me in two weeks (and you won’t, I promise) after this weekend, you’ll know why.  I’m off playing Army in downtown Denver.

If you’re watching DNC coverage on TV, and you see an overweight, red headed Soldier with a big camera and a dazed and/or angry look on her face, that’s probably me.  I will be wearing square glasses (either a purple pair, or a brown pair, depending on the time of day) and my hair will most likely be a disgraceful mess.


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2 Responses to Ramping up for the DNC

  1. unsignedmasterpiece says:

    OMG! You’re in the National Guard. Be careful out there.

  2. Amit says:

    Hey Jessie,

    At least you can write some posts (from your perspective) about the thinking of police and administration, and how they handle the protesters, and why are they put in a cage far away from the convention etc. and whether there’s any discussion about civil liberties – something that a layperson is not privy to.

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