Go Boobs!

Just a heads up for all you nursing single moms out there, August is Breastfeeding Awareness month, and next week is World Breastfeeding Week.  So whip out your boob some place public and tell objectors to shove it.  Or handle it politely, whatever.

Also, starting today, the Workplace Accomodations for Working Mothers act takes affect, requiring Colorado employers with more than 2 employees to provide reasonable break time and a private place that’s not a bathroom stall to pump breast milk during work.  Read more about it here and here, and have your boss do the same, if need be.

Also, totally un boob related, here is a cool article I read on Grist today about green and affordable grocery shopping.  Most of this stuff I already do, but for whatever bizarre reason, I still like reading about it.

Have you ever encountered negative reactions to your nursing in public?  Just Saturday some old dude at Sweet Tomatoes was giving me dirty looks, thats about the most I’ve ever gotten.  Oh yeah, and one time at the Aveda Salon I overheard some dude saying to the chick he was with, “Why do people have to do that in public?”  I wanted to tell him, “Specifically to freak out prudes like you”.


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6 Responses to Go Boobs!

  1. Amit says:

    I think Massachusetts either passed or is considering a law in support of public breastfeeding.
    One of the most common phrases I’ve heard from men who speak out against it is “She whipped it out and started feeding her baby.” I just have to laugh at their choice of words – do women really whip out their breasts? Are there any instances of whiplash injuries to nursing moms as a result? 😀

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  3. Shairn says:

    I nursed four babies for two to three years each. I got pretty casual about it- hanging over a shopping cart seat, whatever. My response to people who think you should cover up (the baby’s head gives pretty good coverage anyway unless someone is really motivated to look) is to ask, “How would you feel if your eating was so disgusting to someone that they required you to eat in a bathroom with a bag over your head?” People’s twisted and delicate sensibilities should not get in the way of our children’s right to be nourished and our right to nurture them in an accepting, social environment.

  4. Marisa says:

    After watching a pro breastfeeding commercial with my in laws, my FIL said “I am not against breastfeeding in public I just wish they would place a blanket on themselves”.
    6 months pregnant and never one to hold back I responded ” I’d like to see you eat your meal with a blanket on your face”.
    That puts things in perspective.

  5. Amp says:

    My question is is my already thirty minute break to eat the one I am suppose to use for this and I work in a club and my manager says the locker room is adequate

    • jessimonster says:

      That may depend on what state you are in. I’m not sure if a law was passed federally to mandate that women be given adequate pumping time and a comfortable, clean, private location in which to do it, but it seems like something like that was included in the health care reform act. I will have to look it up.
      However, if you are in Colorado you should get three breaks a day to pump (one of which may be your lunch break) and no, a locker room is not adequate, unless it has a private area with comfortable seating. Employers are free to give more time (I know mine did), but this is the bare minimum as required by Colorado law.

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