My Way or the Highway Birth Nazi

I want to define a term I use a lot when talking about birth for you.

My Way or the Highway Birth Nazi

A My Way or the Highway Birth Nazi is a woman (sometimes a man, but most often a woman) who wants you to have your baby exactly how she had her baby, and she’s going to do and say every mean and intimidating thing she can think of to convince you that her choices are the right choice for you and everyone else in the world.  She will not accept that different women have different needs, and she is going to pass judgement on you for making a choice that is different from the one she makes.  She feels that there are no exceptions to what she thinks is the best possible birth experience, and she will react as though she has been threatened if she is confronted by your different choice. 

These women are almost always either a woman who advocates getting as many interventions as you can, or a woman who advocates getting absolutely no interventions at all.

I am not a big fan of either.  While I had a natural birth, and I can and will talk all day about how awesome it is to have a natural birth, I recognize that it is not the right choice for every woman, and I know that it is not even possible for every woman.  I hate hearing woman pass judgement on women who had pain medication during labor just as much as I hate hearing women call me crazy for choosing to go natural.  Women who push their birth choices on others, whether they are pushing natural birth or medicated birth, are all the same to me.  They are Birth Nazis.  Blech.

That being said, when I say (and I will) that natural birth is the best, or the super-est, or what ever, please remember that I say it in the same way that I say Sam was the best hobbit, the Rockies are the best baseball team (even though they don’t actually win very often), or Colorado is the best state.

Actually, I might be serious with that Colorado thing.


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2 Responses to My Way or the Highway Birth Nazi

  1. Katy says:

    I would extend that and say that some women are just “Baby nazis”. You are completely right about birth, but I find that it goes far beyond that. Everything from “you are carring low, you are having a boy I don’t care what the ultra sounds say” to “You have to breast feed your child for the first 10 years of life, otherwise you might as well just give them up for adoption because you won’t bond with your child.”

    I understand that peoeple feel very passionatly about the way they birth and raise their children, because it is probably one of the most important things any of us will ever do, but its also very personal. You are so right. People just have a hard time with the idea that there are a billion different people in this world and everyone of them is different.

  2. jessimonster says:

    Oh man, tell me about it.
    My aunt claims that she always guesses a baby’s gender right, and declared the minute she found out I was having a baby that I was having a girl. She kept referring to my baby as Deanna (the name I had picked out for a girl) and telling everyone that I was having a girl, so low and behold at the baby shower I got a lot of stuff that had a very girly note to it. Pink blankets and and whatnot. I wish I could have seen the look on my aunt’s face when I had my baby and my sister called her to say it was a boy. It would have been classic.
    Then she guessed my sister would have a boy. What did she have? A little girl. Ha ha ha. I love it when people guess wrong.

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