Because you might be doing this stuff anyhow

I’m a crafty, crafty person.  I knit (though not as well as I’d like), sew, paint, make jewelry, decopauge, do mosaics, embroider, and I’m always thinking of how I can make something I want but don’t have.  I’m not always successful in my attempts, I start more crafts than I finish, but hell, I love to craft.  I love to have something unique.  I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with saying “I made it” when someone asks where I got something.

If I were a better crafter, I’d sell my stuff here


If I were rich, I’d buy stuff there too.

Now, if you are a single mom, god knows you could use a little extra income every now and again.  If you are a crafty single mom, Etsy might be the place for you to earn that little extra income.  If you are a rich single mom, Etsy might be the place for you to spend some of your money on some totally unique, fashionable and expensive merchandise.  But how many of us are actually rich single moms?

As for me, I can barely finish knitting a hat in time for my son to wear it (and the last one I knitted him didn’t even fit), so I doubt if I’ll be peddling my goods on Etsy anytime soon, but if you’re doing a lot of crafting anyway, it might be worth looking into.


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