Pregnancy Pact?

My head has been swimming with thoughts of these 17 high school girls in Mass. who made a pact to get pregnant.  A friend of mine said I should be careful writing about it, because it is still just speculative, but last I heard several of the girls had admitted to there being a pact.  Has anyone heard for sure?


Anyway, what struck me as odd about the news story is that school officials are using this situation to bring up discussions about whether or not birth control should be offered at the school.  My first thought was, “What good would that have done?  These girls planned to get pregnant.  They simply would not have used birth control, no matter how available it was.”  Apparently, many other people thought the same thing.


Then I heard that there was a daycare facility at the school so that students who have children can finish up their high school education, at least.  My first thought about that was “Oh, how nice.  Well at least these girls have some sort of chance of raising their children under livable conditions,” because I can only imagine how hard it would be to be a single mother and not even have a high school education.  It’s hard enough for me and I have military training and some college.  But my reaction to the schools daycare facility was not the norm.


I was amazed at how many people felt the day care facility encouraged students to get pregnant.  As if giving girls who made a mistake a chance to make a descent life for themselves and their children was a bad thing.  Too many people look at children of unwed mothers as punishments to the mothers for being “slutty”.  Oh, should the pregnant woman or girl seek an abortion their tune is shockingly different.  From instant conception takes place it is a child, with rights and feelings, but the minute it’s born, it suddenly becomes a punishment, not a child, and it is not deserving of loving parents who are able to properly provide for it.  People with this attitude make me sick.


But I do try to be open minded, and the more I thought about it, the more I could kind of see how the day care facility might have played a hand in helping the girls to make this foolish choice (naturally, a lack of self respect and an abundance of stupidity played the primary roles).  I do not feel like it encourages children to get pregnant.  Obviously, unless it is a very small school, more girls do not get pregnant on purpose than who do.  But, by taking away some of the consequences of having a child young, you take away some of their reasons not to do it.  If you couple that with making absolutely no effort to discourage pregnancy (not offering birth control in school, for example) you get a double whammy.


So what should this school do in an attempt to keep this sort of thing from happening again?  I say keep the day care facility, because children deserve parents who can work and provide for them, but also, offer these children birth control.  Say to them, “This is here to help you if you screw up, but we’d prefer if you didn’t screw up in the first place, so here’s something to prevent it from happening.”  Discourage, but don’t exile those who make a mistake.


I think maybe every school in the country should consider something like that.


Of course, this does nothing to address the serious self respect issues these girls are facing, and their obvious lack of judgement, but I think I’ll tackle those subjects some other day.


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4 Responses to Pregnancy Pact?

  1. Katy says:

    Great post.

    To me the issue of the Pregnancy Pact defies all the normal issues that surround teen pregnancy. To me its another example of gang mantality. Obviously there are a lot of issues going on with these girls. They have a low sense of self-worth that they are trying to replace with the love of a child. I don’t see them as any different than any other group of teenagers who got togehter and in some way, through some group action defied society. These are people who, for whatever reason, feel like society has nothing to offer them and so they are going to create a community of their own that they feel comfertable in and that accepts them. I have no idea why they decided that being pregnant together was the best way to form this bond, this community. I doubt it had anything to do with the daycare center or lack of birth control. There are deeper issues in play than that.

  2. jessimonster says:

    That is probably the most intelligent thing I’ve heard said about the whole issue.
    I think I could sum up everything I’ve heard said about it elsewhere.

    1. Where were these girls parents?
    2. The daycare center at the school made them want to do it.
    3. They should hand out birth control.

    Seriously, I wonder if people think these days. My questions for them are.

    1. Where are your parents when you have sex?
    2. Do have an uncontrolable urge to procreate every time you see a daycare facility?
    3. Did you read the story? These girls WANTED to get pregnant.

  3. Allie says:

    Good points. This is an issue I just can’t get my head around. But I am glad to hear there is daycare in place to help these girls.

  4. Amit says:

    It’s tough to know what really happened, as one of the girls made an appearance and said there was no pact to get pregnant, but rather a pact *after* they found out that they were pregnant, to help each other raise their kids as they try to finish school. The media seems to have latched on to the getting-pregnant-pact, without really making an attempt to verify the truth of it.

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