Finding more time now that I’m a mom

I spend a lot of the day reading blogs and articles and books to keep myself informed about what I can do to protect my family from dangers and to do something to stem the onslaught of global warming (and to protect the environment in other ways).  I am a member of nearly a dozen forums to discuss just these issues (how to do it the greenest, the cheapest, the biggest impact-est), and a member of several community groups which address some of these same issues.  I spend a lot of time on these matters, more than twice the amount of time I spent on them a year or two ago, despite the fact that I have less time to spend on anything now, because I am a mother.

I want the best for Elijah, and I am certain that he will want the same for his kids, and his kids will want the same for their kids.  Is there anyone out there who doesn’t want to give their children not only the best, but the opportunity to one day give their children the best?  If there is, they need to have their children taken away from them, because they are not fit parents.

I want to share everything I’ve learned with the world, its been a lot.  I’m learning still more every day.  Heres a quick run down of what I’ve learned today, for example.

Pesticides likely kill Y sperm, and exposure to vinyl (and other dioxin containing products) causes baby boys to have lower sperm counts for the rest of their lives

Sign a petition to eliminate BPA from baby bottles BPA leeches out of plastics and gets into our food (or is absorbed by our skin) and mimics estrogen in our bodies, leading to all sorts of nasty side effects, from uncontrolled weight gain and inability to lose weight, to cancer, infertility and genital deformation in your children.  It can also cause boys to grow breasts.  Yikes!

A kick ass, all electric car that can go over 100 miles on a single charge and 65 mph, is going to be sold in America as early as next year for under 25k.

Smog (the shit that comes out of the back of your car and the powerplant where you get your electricity from) will kill you.  Just like second hand smoke will.


Note:  I actually started writing this weeks ago!  I never found time to finish and publish.  So I’m publishing now.  I hope the links still work.  Enjoy!


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