A few resources

I have been out of the office all day (and haven’t been able to pump, ouch!) so real quick here, I’m just going to post a few resources for single parents I recently found.

Single Mothers of Color, Denver Chapter  I read about this in a magazine, and I just skimmed it real quick and thought it said Single Mothers of Colorado.  I thought “Ooooh!  I wanna join!” but when I went to the website I realized.  I’m sad.  I have no color.  Except for my freckles.  But it looks like a great resource.

Single Parent Family Outreach  I don’t know if this is just for Colorado or not.  Hmmm.

Warren Village  This looks like it has serious helpful potential


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One Response to A few resources

  1. jamilynnfitz says:

    Here is a book you might want to check out. Now, it was originally written for women intentionally choosing sinlge motherhood, but it may have relevance to some of your readers. You know, in case you want to review it at some point.


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